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124 Siganto Drive Helensvale,
QLD, Australia, 4212
1300 145 555

AQUALUMA, the world’s best LED lighting

AQUALUMA, a local Gold Coast manufacturer has been leading the world in underwater lighting since 2004. Local brothers, Carl and Grant Amor established AQUALUMA in Helensvale with the sole objective of manufacturing the best underwater lighting in terms of performance, quality and functionality.

The AQUALUMA range of LED underwater lighting is the only light on the market that is designed and manufactured in Australia and offers the world’s only six year housing warranty.

The company has won numerous awards for its innovation, environmental focus and as a well-established family business; the latest being The Premier’s Export Award for an ‘Environmental Solution’ and runner up for the “Manufacturing Award’ in late 2016.

The Thru-hull range of LED lights is suitable for all craft from tinnies through to luxury motor yachts. The range is also ideal for any type of hull construction, including aluminium, steel, wood and GRP.

There is a range of sizes and brilliant colour options to suit owners’ specific needs, the key point of difference with AQUALUMA lights in addition to the 6-year warranty, is the ability to service, maintain and upgrade the light without the need to lift the boat out of the water after initial installation.

The unique patented housing is made from a corrosion proof, high-impact polymer material, which makes it virtually indestructible. If you want to upgrade in the future as LED technology improves or you want different colours, all Thru-hull models are upgradable, again without the need to haul the boat out of the water.

AQUALUMA also manufactures a range of surface-mounted underwater lights for smaller runabouts and trailer boats, these are available in two colours and ideal for boats that are not kept permanently in the water. There is also a high-resolution colour CCTV camera that can be used to monitor underwater fittings, allow fishermen to see their catch or just for the kids to watch the fish on a TV screen!

Commercial and Industrial lighting

Building on its experience in the demanding marine environment, in 2010 AQUALUMA diversified into the Commercial and Industrial lighting market and now manufacturers a range the world’s most energy-efficient Highbay LED light fixtures for manufacturing, warehouse, ‘big box’ retail and outdoor environments. A focus on innovation has seen the company produce world leading energy efficiencies, making a change over from old metal halide lights not only provide a very quick payback, with a reduction in running costs of over 70% but importantly a much improved working environment. The range carries a 7-year warranty and is waterproof to IP66, meaning that they can be used outdoors in carparks, as flood lighting, for sports facilities and general outdoor areas.

With innovation as the driver of the business, you can be sure there is always a pipeline of new products due to come to market; later in 2017 it is expected to launch two new products one for food-grade environments and the other for gaseous and dusty environments.

If you would like more information on how this exciting local manufacturer of the world’s best LED lighting can enhance your leisure boating or business, contact AQUALUMA directly on; call 1300 145 555 or visit