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Everything Marine staff, accompanied by a Nobles davit technician, test a davit crane with a certified load cell above 2 custom made water bags with a capacity of 3 tonnes. The water bags are filled with sea water, overhanging the water and clear of the vessel. The water weight is added gradually and is checked in stages. Once the proof load is reached the davit can then be tested for lifting, lowering, and slewing. To empty the bags, they are lowered into the water and inverted. Usually, the filling of the bags is done with the vessel’s sea water firefighting pumps which also provides a good opportunity to test them under full working loads.

Everything Marine Australia are experienced in davit lift testing for survey certification, and private vessels wanting to ensure safe lifting processes.

All load-bearing structures such as davits and lifting equipment, and slings, strops, shackles, hook swivels, lifeboats and gangways, should be certified and tagged for all vessels in survey. The only way to certify a davit crane in situ is to perform a static load test to the certified working loads of the crane and associated equipment.

Load testing on all lifting davits, even on private vessels, is recommended to ensure safe working operation and prevention of failure.

When a davit control failure occurs, it can cause slow lowering of the load, catastrophic dropping of the load, damage to tenders or the mother ship, injury to personnel, or worse.

On private vessels Everything Marine recommends that this type of testing be carried out every slipping period. This includes a visual inspection of lifting tackle and davit lines, and a complete load proof test and certification as recommended by davit manufacturers.

Everything Marine are equipped to test static and dynamic davits, using water-filled proof load bags to a capacity of 3 tonnes, and specialise in the testing of Nobles and Aquamare brand equipment. The team are methodical in their approach to the bag set up, with properly certified scales, shackles and slings that ensure an easy process with no possible damage to personnel or the vessel.

With over 60 years of experience in the marine industry, Everything Marine Australia provides a comprehensive range of services – including repair and service of all types of sail and power vessels. They are expert in working with composite materials, fabricating, machining, and insurance works. In addition to providing boat repairs, they specialise in mast repairs and rigging replacement, and vessel painting. They also offer a mobile service and are happy to travel to meet your boating needs.






Published in print January-March 2022