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200 Boats to Party at Shag Islet

200 Boats to Party at Shag Islet

Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club (SICYC) Inc. is the fastest growing cruising yacht club in Australia with over 4,380 “Vice Commodores” (members) originating from 14 countries.

The strength of SICYC is in its charter, which is to create and maintain a network for cruising yachties while being a not-for-profit organisation raising money for prostate cancer. Over $228,000 has been raised for prostate cancer awareness and research over the past six years.

As SICYC has grown in numbers, so have the benefits of being a member, with an ever-growing number of organisations sponsoring the charity and providing specific discounts to the membership.

SICYC holds a “Vice Commodore” Rendezvous in the Gloucester Passage in the Whitsundays each year on the last weekend in August. The annual Rendezvous attracts in the order of 200 yachts and also attracts a significant number of fly/drive tourists to the greater Whitsundays Region.

The major sponsor of the SICYC is Abell Point Marina (APM). For three years, APM have stood firm in very strong support to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA), the logistic support of the Rendezvous, and the provision of discounted products and services specifically to SICYC members.



SICYC  boasts its own pleasure craft insurance policy, providing its members with a solid insurance option at a very competitive price with five percent of annual premiums going to the PCFA. The insurance package has been developed and is managed by Oceanic Marine Risks, another major sponsor of SICYC and the PCFA.

More recently, SICYC has released its own wine, the Shag Islet Wine, which is distributed under the Shag Islet Wine label by “Excelsior Peak Wine” with 10 percent of sales going to the PCFA.

A feature of the SICYC Rendezvous 2016 will be the donation sponsored by Llewelyn Motors of an iconic Holden vehicle, which will be wrapped in a skin depicting the “Parrot Head” theme of the Rendezvous. The vehicle will be the first prize in the annual Rendezvous raffle.

There will be 20 other fantastic prizes in the annual Rendezvous raffle including a $5,000 yacht charter in the Whitsundays, sponsored by Cumberland.

In  2016, SICYC welcomes the active participation of Boat Works in Coomera, not only by way of provision of discounts to SICYC members, but actively supporting the Rendezvous and preparing the “Parrot Head” vehicle.

To join and for more information, visit SICYC.

Raffle tickets are available through Ken Thackerey. Contact Ph: 0428  716 243  or . Tickets will also be available at various SICYC activities and functions throughout the year, and of course you can buy tickets at the Rendezvous.


By Ken Thackeray


Activities during the Rendezvous include:

1. “Meet and Greet’ on Thursday 25 August.

2. An Islet Party (on Shag Islet) on the Friday 26 August.

3. Saturday, 27 August – Participants will link hands in their tenders, “Holding Hands Across The Blue,” for prostate cancer awareness and research sponsored by Abell Point Marina. It culminates with a huge “Parrot Head’ beach party at Montes Reef Resort, with prizes for the best-dressed “Parrot Heads”, best-dressed boat awards, along with a fireworks and raffle draws.

4. Sunday, 28 August – Rendezvous farewell luncheon hosted by Cape Gloucester Resort, the theme “A Pirate’s Parley,” along with prizes for the best dressed Pirate and Pirate Queen, walk the plank for prostate cancer and finishing in the draw of the “Parrot Head” vehicle.


Other activities during the rendezvous are:

1. The operation of SICYC “Parrott Head Radio FM” each day of the Rendezvous

2. The operation of courtesy boats in the anchorage/mooring areas

3. Helicopter scenic flights

4. Jet Ski Tours

5. Fishing excursions

6. Montes Reef Resort and Cape Gloucester provide meals and entertainment over the period of the Rendezvous.

7. A bus service operates from Airlie Beach each day. If you are planning to cruise the Queensland coast this winter, make sure that you include the SICYC “Vice Commodore” Rendezvous in your itinerary. [/toggles]