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8 Reasons Why I Like Boating on the Gold Coast

8 Reasons Why I Like Boating on the Gold Coast


It’s becoming a cliche to keep saying that the Gold Coast has more waterways than Venice. But ti still does not qualify as a cliche because there is still so much to do about boating on our city’s waterways. Active boaties are more inclined to go out on the Broadwater, Moreton Bay and offshore, and the fishers simply go where the fish are. Nevertheless, boating is boating, whatever type of boating you do. Big or small, motorised or not–a boat that floats should be good enough for boating on the Gold Coast. Here are my 8 reasons why I go boating–and maybe why you should too.


1. Boating is more instinctive than driving a car on the road. Although our societies have taught us to know road rules and safety by heart, moving on the water seems to come naturally to humans. The waterways are free and open. Roads have lines and are very restricting. You can’t just stop or slow down, or turn the car around without major damage to yourself, your car or another person. Boats have more freedom to navigate on the waterways.

2. Boating opens up and enhances our six senses. Being watchful, smelling the rain, tasting the salt, feeling the wind pick up and listening to the roaring waves instinctively come alive when you’re on the boat. And the sixth sense is all about gut feel–and it’s definitely important to trust it when boating.

3. People are friendlier to boaties. (Most of the time, anyway!) When you drive your car on a street, people on the road do not look at you and smile and wave. But when you’re on the boat, other boaties and people on the river banks or crossing the bridges will most likely acknowledge you and wave back when you do.

4. Traveling by boat takes you to places without getting out of nature. You are never really out of the water until you step off on to dry land!

5. You can just float and relax wherever you want. Parking is never a problem. All you need is a good anchoring skill and then you are on your own floating island on the water.

6. There are no seat belts in boats. There is a sense of freedom in driving where you are not strapped up on your seat. Even children develop a better sense of space and movement when they are not restricted by straps or belts. (Be mindful of the need for lifejackets though!)

7. You don’t always need an engine to go out boating. Sailing, rowing and paddling are cheaper and more relaxing anyway.

8. Whatever others may say, sunrises, sunsets and evening skies are always most spectacular when viewed from the boat!




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