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Big Boat Benefits Under 8 Metres

Big Boat Benefits Under 8 Metres

The Parker 750 CC is a cabin cruiser that offers up many of big boat comforts to make it a true weekender, yet its length comes in at just 7.46 metres. This smaller size brings many benefits, such as lower maintenance costs, easier parking and not being restricted to 6 knots on all of the Gold Coast waterways. Steve Xiao and his family recently purchased one and have shared their early experience with it. He explained he had been keen to purchase a boat ever since he moved into Clear Island Waters. “It is so convenient having my house backing onto the lake. It means I don’t have to worry about using a trailer to get to a boat ramp. I can just drive off from the pontoon and within a few minutes I’m on the Nerang River, heading to the Seaway.” Steve had enjoyed some of the American models that were geared towards fishing. When it came to choosing which boat was best for his family, he had to balance his wife Ellen’s preference for the comforts of a larger boat. Steve decided the Parker 750 was the perfect fit for his family. “The size is just right for us. Because it seats seven, we have enough room for the whole family, and some friends, too. Having a cabin is really useful so we can take cover from the rain and wind when the weather turns bad. Being able to fish off the back or relax around the table for a coffee with my wife means it has got the best of both worlds.” For its size, the boat provides the comforts of a much larger boat. One of the best luxury features is its large private twin-berth bedroom sitting snugly under the forepeak. It is even possible to convert the dining table into a third bed. There is also a separate toilet and basin, ensuring that nobody has to rough it. To enable top-notch dining, the kitchenette sports a twin-burner gas cooker and large fridge. The Parker is a confidently capable weekender.

Another benefit of the boat’s small size is that because it is under 8 metres, it is not restricted to 6 knots and can go 40 knots in places such as the Nerang River.

Gold Coast boaties with larger boats will be very familiar with the slow crawl through the canals and rivers out to the Seaway at a painful 6 knots. Steve can be on the Nerang River in minutes and enjoy overtaking the larger vessels. However, ironically Steve is far from a speed demon. “40 is too fast for me actually. I prefer to stay between 20-30 knots on the river. It takes me about 40 minutes to get from my home to the Seaway, but that does not bother me at all. When I am in my boat, I am never in a hurry.”

With only a few weeks under his belt enjoying his new boat, Steve has not been able to visit many locations yet. So far, his favourite destination is heading up past Hope Island until he finds the perfect beach to pull up beside. Like many of us, he has to split his boat trips between fishing with his mates and leisurely cruises with his family. Steve is itching to take his boat out for some deep-sea fishing for his next trip though.

Another reason the Parker 750 is proving popular is its choice to opt for an outboard motor. Inboard diesel engines are notoriously expensive to own and maintain. Thanks to the technological improvements with outboards in recent years, the amount of bang-for-your-buck is hard to beat. The boat features an inbuilt 230-litre fuel tank to ensure it handles lengthy cruises. However, it gives you the options of 35 knots with a 150HP outboard, or 45 knots with a 250HP engine.

The boat offers a specialized hull design that improves performance. The manufacturer claims its Twin Step Infusion hull increases speed by 10%, and reduces fuel consumption by 26%. These enhancements are enabled by its non-stepped, deep-vee design, which give the boat a low-planing threshold and a shallow draught. With the extra weight in the boat’s cabin, one disadvantage is that the boat can feel a little top-heavy; however, unless you are performing a lot of sharp turns, you are unlikely to be overly bothered by this. The boat certainly packs in a lengthy list of big-boat design features, such as its roomy bedroom and luxury-laden cabin, to keep the owners happy.

Having obtained his boating licence a couple of years back, Steve’s boating skills have been a little rusty, but he has enjoyed getting his sea legs back. “It has been a steep learning curve remembering all the boating rules. I am getting used to the weight of the boat and how it handles in the different tides. Getting a better feel for the weather, and knowing when it is better to stay at home has been an important lesson too. I just love the boat, though. It doesn’t matter if I am out on a long cruise or just relaxing on the lake behind my house. Spending time on the boat is always great.”


By Narayan Pattison



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