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Carbon Yachts is thrilled to announce its exclusive distributorship of ASTenders in Australia and New Zealand. This partnership brings ASTenders’ innovative, high-performance carbon-fibre dinghy tenders from Germany to the Australian and New Zealand markets, including the groundbreaking 340 Revolve with its Mitek electric engine system, capable of reaching a top speed of 25 knots and a range of 120NM, and the remarkably lightweight Beach 280, tipping the scales at an astonishing dry weight of only 30kgs.

The 340 Revolve and the new 400 Coast models made their world premieres at the recent boot Düsseldorf exhibition in January. These two models, along with the rest of the range, including the innovative 340 Coast Jockey and the Beach 280, will, in turn, make their Australian premieres at the Sydney International Boat Show, August 1-4.

Available with centre seating, side console or tiller steer

The launch promises to redefine luxury and performance in the small tender market, combining AST’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and craftsmanship with Carbon Yachts’ expertise in luxury maritime solutions. Chris Hrones, cofounder of Carbon Yachts, expressed his excitement about the partnership, emphasising the unique position of ASTenders to fill a significant gap in the Australian dinghy market with their sustainable, high-quality designs. “These tenders are not only about luxury but about lasting value, with AST’s models capable of outlasting traditional inflatables by decades,” said Hrones.

ASTenders, recognised for their cutting-edge design and quality, offer an eco-friendly and efficient alternative to traditional RIBs without compromising performance. Founded by Thilo Keller and Catarina Jentzsch, AST prioritises sustainability, incorporating recycled materials and electric propulsion options into their tenders. Their advanced manufacturing processes minimise waste and emissions, showcasing their commitment to eco-friendly practices. “This partnership signifies a shared vision for the future of boating,” said Hrones, underlining the synergy between Carbon Yachts and ASTenders in promoting sustainable, high performance maritime solutions.

Following their showcase at the Sydney Boat Show, the ASTenders range will be proudly displayed in Carbon Yachts’ showrooms located in Sydney and the Gold Coast. This strategic move ensures that enthusiasts and prospective buyers in Australia and New Zealand have ongoing access to experience first-hand the exceptional design and performance of ASTenders’.

For more details on the ASTender range and to experience these innovative designs firsthand, visit the Carbon Yachts website or contact their team directly.

About ASTenders – Founded by sailing enthusiasts and seasoned engineers Thilo Keller and Catarina Jentzsch in 2017, AST – Yachts & Composites embodies a fusion of high-tech design and environmental stewardship. With roots in competitive sailing and a profound understanding of hydrodynamics, the duo has propelled AST into the forefront of the maritime industry, offering innovative, sustainable tender solutions. Their dedication to craftsmanship and performance is reflected in every ASTender, showcasing their vision for a greener, more efficient future in boating.

About Carbon Yachts – Carbon Yachts is a leading distributor of luxury yachts in Australia and New Zealand, committed to excellence in quality, innovation, and customer service, with exclusive distribution for Saffier Yachts, YYachts, Virtue Yachts and Candela. Our group also consists of Eyachts, TMG yachts, COBLI syndication and Vesseltec, our exclusive service provider.

Published in print April-June 2024