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Chaparral H20: Entry level heroes

Chaparral H20: Entry level heroes


The popular H2O entry-level bow riders from Chaparral have taken the world by storm, quickly becoming the highest selling 18”-21” in several key markets around the world. The Australian importers celebrated the 200th H2O sale since the 2016 Sanctuary Cove launch earlier this year and have continued their success with several more sales over the recent boat show season.

Chaparral have been an industry force for 53 years and have a solid reputation for innovation, quality and performance. The Saltwater ethos at Chaparral is obvious when you get on board. The higher freeboard and windscreens, drainage systems, top end materials and stylish design are definitely a cut above the rest.

But according to Scott O’Hare, from Chaparral Australia, the real proof of a superior hull is when you go for a test drive. “We love taking buyers out for a spin in the H2O’s, because they don’t expect such great performance. Our extended V-Plane hulls are quick out of the hole with minimal bow rise, dry and comfortable,” he says. “Buying a first boat can be a difficult decision and there is no doubt that price comes into play when making a final decision. But considering that a quality boat such as our Chaparral H2O may stay in the family for 10 years or more, it is best to do your research, go for a test drive, even on rough days, and choose wisely. In that way, your investment in your family’s leisure time will be maximised.”

All Chaparrals are offered with a lifetime hull warranty and a choice of Volvo or Mercruiser power engine.

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