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Classic Marine Trimming

Classic Marine Trimming

Classic Marine Trimming is a proud family-owned and operated business, dedicated to providing quality service and products to the marine sector. The company has been in business over 20 years.

Conveniently located at the world class Gold Coast City Marina in Coomera, we are easily accessible by water or road. GCCM is the largest refit and repair yard in the Southern Hemisphere attracting yachts from around the globe. At GCCM, service capabilities extend to all aspects of marine refit, maintenance and construction for vessels of all shapes and sizes so you are easily able to have other work carried out on your boat at the same time. Alternatively, we can complete work anywhere on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane.

Our quality finishes, attention to detail, and design abilities are just some of the reasons our customers come back to us year after year.

Our services cover three main areas – Covers & Clears, Upholstery, and Bedding & Decor.


Given the harshness of the Australian sun, many boat owners are opting to install more covers on their vessels to protect their investment as well as themselves. These include covers for rear deck areas, tenders, clears, lounges and seats, helm stations, dashes, BBQs, sunbeds, davits – you name it, we can make a custom cover for it! Some customers are even opting for complete all-over covers for their boats.

There is a huge variety of cover fabrics available these days and it’s no longer simply a choice between canvas and PVC. With this variety comes the ability to take other factors into account including the size of the cover, how durable it needs to be, its waterproof qualities, its colour and what material will be able to be manufactured to make the cover look amazing as well as be practical.

Clears are available in three types, and each has its own use, which we discuss carefully with our customers. It is important to use the right sort of clear depending on its intended purpose.

Pressed Polished Sheet Clears are the most expensive because they offer superior visual clarity, especially when the cover is angled or curved. There are several brands on the market, with the most well known being Strataglass.

Extruded Clear is the middle ground and overall the most popular choice for clear enclosures on boats. The type we use is Japanese made and is a product we have been using for well over 15 years. It has excellent visual clarity, rolls extremely well, and has proven to tolerate the harsh marine environment well.

Calendared Clear is the least expensive option, but has a slight visual distortion. It is ideal for cafe blinds or rear deck blinds where price is important; and perhaps there is mesh attached to the clears so the clarity is not really an issue.


We can strip and recover, refoam or completely redesign both interior and exterior upholstery. Working together with other businesses within GCCM, we can also add totally new lounges and seating to provide more comfort for your vessel. Customers have very different needs when it comes to interior upholstery on boats, some favouring fabric, and others favouring leather and vinyl. Many of the fabrics available have specialised coatings to improve stain resistance and water penetration, making them a popular alternative.

Exterior upholstery fabric has come a long way from just choices of either vinyl or Sunbrella. Although these remain popular, with a huge range of colours and patterns from Sunbrella and many alternatives from Ultramarine vinyls, many other options now exist. Outdoor furniture fabric from Westbury, Warwick, Wortley and Zepel have changed what is possible for outdoor spaces dramatically.

Because many of these new generation fabrics are also much softer than the exterior fabrics of the past, many customers are also using them for interior upholstery as well.


Bedding on boats with odd-shaped berths can be really challenging. Custom mattress protectors, sheets, coverlets and bedspreads can greatly assist the process of making up such beds.

With a large range of materials, colours, patterns and styles available you can also make some considered décor decisions and take those themes throughout the whole boat. Our design and décor abilities can assist with these options to make sure your boat reflects your individual style.




Published in print April-June 2022