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Collective Nouns For Fish

Collective Nouns For Fish

We often hear people refer to a group of fish as a “school of fish”. While it is the common term used, some academics argue that “school” is incorrect, and that “shoal” should be used instead.

In general, we can call a collective of fish as “school or shoal of fish”. But did you know that a group of sharks is called a shiver, and a group of rainbow fish is called a party? Interestingly, each type of fish and other sea animals has its own collective term, and some of group nouns are quite witty.

Here is a short list of collective nouns for various fish and sea animals. So, the next time you want to impress your fishing mates, you can tell them that while you were trying to catch a shoal of bass, a fever of stingrays swam towards your boat, as a cast of crabs played on the shores, while a bale of turtles magically appeared in the waters.

Barracudas – Batter 

Bass – Shoal, Fleat 

Cod – Lap 

Eels – Bed, Fry, Swarm 

Goldfish – Glint, Troubling 

Herring – Army 

Sardines – Family 

Sharks – Shiver 

Stingrays – Fever 

Trout – Hover Salmon, Bind 

Angelfish – Company 

Tuna – Float 

Swordfish – Flotilla 

Seahorses – Herd 

Rainbow Fish – Party 

Cod – School, Shoal 

Mackerel – Shoal 

Squid – Squad 

Dragonet Fish – Swarm 

Shrimp – Troupe 

Oysters – Bed 

Clams – Bed 

Crabs – Cast 

Jellyfish – Brood, Smack 

Turtles – Bale, Dole, Nest, Turn 

Dolphins – Pod 

Whales – Pod, Gam, Herd, School



Compiled by Roselle Tenefrancia



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