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Dometic Sea Xchange Watermakers

Dometic Sea Xchange Watermakers

The Most Reliable & Compact System for Recreational Boaters


Travel for extended periods without having to dock for freshwater refills. Make your own water anywhere.

The Dometic Sea Xchange watermaker provides recreational boaters with the luxury of creating your own water while cruising on the ocean. The extremely compact SE Series produces 350 GPD (1,325 LPD) to 1,200 GPD (4,542 LPD) using reverse-osmosis technology to turn seawater into pure water.

The Dometic Sea Xchange SE fits anywhere. The 2-in-1 modular or compact frame lets you make the best use of any available installation space. The components disassemble into individual modules which can be mounted separately for more flexibility.

Built for marine reliability, durability and rust resistance, the SE Series has a 316 stainless-steel high-pressure pump, 316 stainless-steel high-pressure regulating valve, and 316 stainless-steel boost pump motor shaft. The high-pressure pump and the boost pump are the most durable and efficient pumps available. The totally enclosed, fan cooled (TEFC) motor has thermal protection.

Dometic SeaXchange Watermakers will also automatically back flush the whole system after it’s been turned off, or flush automatically as part of a program function.

It can be remotely turned on and off without adjusting the high-pressure pump. This makes deciding on a SeaXchange Watermaker even easier. Some watermakers will want you to go down in the engine room to turn the High Pressure pump down before starting.

Other features include a backlit computer controller display and seawater membranes that are commercially available.

The addition of a quality, reliable Dometic SeaXchange watermaker has may advantages. Carrying hundreds of litres of water on board will increase the drag on your boat, burning more fuel. Additionally, you have the peace of mind that your water is fresh and pure.

Dometic Marine, a division of the Dometic Group, is the world’s largest supplier of innovative and technologically advanced comfort systems and equipment for yachts and pleasure boats. Some of Dometics major brands include Cruisair Marine Air Conditioning, Sealand Marine Sanitation and Waeco fridges and freezers. They are a major supplier of HVAC, engine room ventilation, watermakers, and toilet systems to the commercial, workboat and military markets.

For a limited time we are able to offer (at no extra cost) the Remote Panel with the SE600Z compact, allowing you to turn on your Watermaker from the helm.

For further information contact the Australia distributor Seabreeze Industries.

PH: 07-5546 2804