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Evinrude G2: The Future

Evinrude G2: The Future

by February 1, 2016

Evinrude have been producing high quality outboard motors since 1909. They have been in the game a long time, and as a result are always looking for new ways to improve their engines. The G2 seems to be no exception to that mission.

Evinrude has set out to improve on the technology of their first generation of E-Tec engines with an emphasis on ease of use, reliability and low maintenance—matters of great importance to anyone when out on the water.

Evinrude are pretty much the last of the major outboard manufacturers who continue to develop 2-stroke technology, which is a much more difficult task than improving on the easier to develop 4-stroke engines, albeit a much more fruitful task in the long run. Riley Tolmay, After-Sales manager APAC at BRP, the distributor of Evinrude in Australia, says, “ Evinrude have acquired technology that allows us to see inside of the combustion chamber while the motor is running. And, this in turn has allowed us to understand what is going on in this crucial faze of the power cycle. This insight has allowed Evinrude to maintain superior power along with 25% fuel savings compared to any other best-in-class brand outboard motors with the equivalent horse-power rating.”

evinrude G2

Developing a futuristic 2-stroke engine means that if you do pull it off, it will have almost double the power strokes that a 4-stroke has—meaning greater acceleration with more low-end torque—a feat that Evinrude has accomplished here. Tolmay confirms, “Generally, the E-Tec acceleration is superior and in most cases the top speed is either as good as or better than the 4-Stroke option.”

The simplicity of a 2-stroke engine means less working parts, making it a simpler engine that is lighter, easier to maintain and is more reliable. “E-Tec technology offers superior attributes to the end consumer translating to substantial savings, in some cases thousands of dollars can be saved. The main features being a five-year warranty, a five-year 500-hours no-scheduled maintenance, whichever comes first. This technology offers first class power and performance with best-in-class fuel economy,” Tolmay points out.

Designed in-house at Evinrude’s innovation center headed by Denys Lapointe in Quebec, Canada, the overall aesthetics of this new engine are attractive to the eye—your first example of the futuristic aspects this engine can offer. And mind you, first impressions last.

The engine itself in the 250HP version is a 3.6L naturally aspirated V6 made as efficient as possible through Evinrude’s many innovations, which also extend to its steering system. Their Dual Axis Rigging system is integrated into one complete unit with an electronic steering mechanism described by the company as an intergrated power-assisted hydraulic steering for maximum steering response. This is combined with speed sensors that manipulate the steering effort necessary depending on how fast you are going, determining your steering needs automatically.

The E-Tec G2 range of 200HP to 300HP in 20” to 30” shafts are now available in Australia. Tolmay states, “The G2 has been very well accepted. The look and fuel economy are its two main attributes, closely backed up by the low maintenance costs.”

The end result is an attractive engine that is simple, efficient, practical, easy to maintain, reliable and incredibly responsive in both acceleration and manoeuvrability.


By Matt Jackson