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Fairline Yachts Reborn

Fairline Yachts Reborn

Through adversity, comes opportunity. Fairline, the 50-year old prestige motor yacht builder, has in recent times been acquired by a Russian consortium committed to not only continuing the European marque, but also taking it into a new phase of design finish and performance.

LSY are proud to be associated in the rebirth of Fairline and excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for the savvy Queensland motor yacht buyer. The stigma of European expensive products has come largely about from the heavy marketing and management structures of the known brands. Ultimately, this costs the end user. On top of that, add a local Australian importer that expects huge returns on each sale and the appeal of the Euro brands diminish.

LSY and Fairline are committed to offering a stripped-back approach that gives you, the buyer, an opportunity to communicate directly with the owners of the dealership and the yacht-building company—a model that works time and time again.

Great product at great value with great follow-up support.

Further with the current (Brexit) issue and the effect this has had on the GBP, there has been no better time to buy an asset from the UK. LSY are delighted to pass on the full amount of these cost-savings to the end user.

Contact LS Yachts to price your new 2017 Fairline semi-custom motor yacht today or visit or for detailed information on the Fairline Yacht Range.

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