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Five new year resolutions NOT to make

Five new year resolutions NOT to make

The world wide web is full of new year resolution ideas, none of which we will keep (let’s be honest now!). We found inspiration in one of the stories we have read recently, and thought we would come up with our list of resolutions that we think you should NOT make for 2020.


Join a Gym

Sure, you have the best intentions in mind when you join a gym and book a personal trainer. But the challenge is, how long will you keep it up? If you really are not a keen gym-goer, chances are you will perfect your excuses for not going in a month or two, and then feel guilty about having paid each month and not showing up.

So why not exercise in the outdoors? You will be more likely to stick with a new regime. Come and jog or cycle along the beaches and it will never get boring — and it is free!. Take your canoe, kayak or SUP, and paddle on the canals or waterways around the city. The scenery always changes throughout the year and exercise by the waterways is a great way to clear your head and get away from everyday stress.

(Image credit: Australian Kayaking Adventures)


Travel Interstate or Overseas

While an overseas trip is very exciting, why not explore what is right on our doorstep first? Living on the Gold Coast is like being on holiday everyday. People from everywhere plan their holidays to come here, so why are we not exploring what the visitors are here for?

Visitors book boating trips to tour our rivers and the Broadwater, and enjoy the views and activities that they can do while boating. Well, for those of us living here, the great news is that we can do all of this down by our local canal, river, or the Broadwater. We can always see new places, enjoy new experiences and to relax and get away from it all, without being far from home. And if you are able, do venture out a little further north to Moreton Bay, and there you will find islands and waterways that you will never get enough of.

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How many of us tell ourselves “I’m going to lose weight this year” everytime a new year begins? And how many of us actually do stick to what we sought to do at the start of the year? Instead of stressing ourselves with fad diets, why not focus on getting fit and giving yourself a target of taking the kayak for a paddle for one hour on the canals or waterways?

The Gold Coast also has many catchment areas and rainforests for walking and exploring. As you take in the fresh air and sounds of nature without vehicle traffic, your mind will slowly take off thoughts of food cravings and unhealthy snacking.

(Image credit: Destination Gold Coast)


Enrol in a class (any class!)

Art or music classes are very good for one’s mental health. But then again, you will need to spend money and commit to having lessons. If you can keep it up for at least 12 months, then go ahead. But if you think you cannot, there are other ways to learn new skills. You can consider volunteering in your locality, like the local Landcare or Beachcare groups. Find out what interests you and look for opportunities to volunteer. You will meet new people, learn new skills, and make a real difference to your local community.

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More catch-ups with friends and family

This is a fairly catch-all resolution, and time spent watching TV does not count. You can be a little more specific and make a resolution that you want to spend more quality time with friends and family.

Booking a sunset cruise, a BBQ boat, or a fishing charter with the extended family is one way of making use of time for family bonding. If you own a boat, take a few close friends with you, and spend a day out on the water, and have a picnic on a beach on the Broadwater, or go fishing.

There is not much that you need to go boating with loved ones. As long as your boat is ready and safe for use, the whole family will be entertained just with the boating experience itself.


By Roselle Tenefrancia