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Floating-Docks are the Australian distributor for Wave Armor jet ski and boat docking systems. They provide budget modular systems also, and carry a range of accessories for all systems, including mounting arms and brackets.

Wave Armor, from the USA, are the leaders in small docking systems. From the beginning, the Wave Armor goal was to fully utilise decades of experience to develop a range of products that are not only innovative, durable, and functional, but also showcase a superior design element which sets a new standard in the floating dock industry. While most floating dock systems on the market today are functional, at best, Wave Armor floating docks set the pace. Being equipped with a fully adjustable roller system, they make docking and launching simple, and are virtually unsinkable. So there is no need to worry, as you can drive on/roll off without damaging your jet ski or boat. Wave Armor stand behind their products and these docks have an 8-year warranty (conditions apply).

Floating-Docks stock the Wave Port SLX series of jet ski and small tinny systems. These Wave Armor products are 100% rotomoulded and tough, for extreme performance and durability. SLXs are the easiest drive on/roll off smaller ports on the market, and are designed with the jet ski enthusiast in mind. All Wave Armor systems include features that exceed industry standards, are maintenance-free, and have full UV protection.

The Wave Port SLX series features the SLX5 which is 1.5 m (5 feet) wide and 3.8 m long. These docks weigh 130 kg, have a floatation (or weight capacity) of nearly 700 kg (1500 lb) and have 12 inline rollers. Also in stock is the larger Wave Port SLX6 which is easily their best-selling dock. At 1.8 m wide and 3.8 m long, the SLX6 weighs 146 kg with a floatation of 907 kg (2000 lb). The extra width is designed to allow a safer and more stable environment for fueling and maintenance.

The Wave Armor Evolution systems are the next step in docking systems. This series has the easiest and largest drive on/roll off for the larger PWC ports on the market. They are rotomoulded, foam-filled, and packed with features like soft polyurethane overlaid nylon wheels that can be moved and adjusted to fit your jet ski or boat, with a soft rubber bow stop, and a stainless steel chain for quick-clip tie-down. The EVO6 is the largest system in the EVO range, designed for the new monster jet skis and small boats. The EVO6 is 1.83 m wide, 4.4 m long and has a floatation of nearly 1000 kg.

New for 2021, Floating-Docks offers the Wave Armor EVO7 G20 boat dock. Created for boats from 680 kg up to 1.6 tonnes, the dock is 6.1 m long, 2.13 m wide, and has super-soft moveable rollers with a front guide roller. Built in two sections, it comes with aluminium attachment pins and stainless steel hardware. It’s 100% filled with marine grade EPS foam, and has a rotomoulded shell, ideal for jet boats, or most boats up to 6.5 m.

If you have something larger you need to dock, then take a look at the SLX10 Extreme X24 boat dock, which is 7.3 m long, 3 m wide, and boasts a huge 3.6 tonnes floatation. This model comes with side oscillating rollers. It is built in three sections, and has no mechanical parts to worry about.

Floating-Docks has agents on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, and has distributors in NSW, SA, and Cairns. There are permanent displays on the Gold Coast and in Victoria.

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Published in print July-September 2021