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Funding for a GC boatie and surfer

Funding for a GC boatie and surfer

April 19, 2017

Like many, Peter Bradley, lived for the ocean, a keen surfer, Master class 5 skipper and game fishing charter operator for 7 years that is until being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Now at 45 and with a young family – 7 year old daughter Sienna, 4-year-old son Caylem and wife of 10 years Teressa, MS is rapidly taking over his life.

As each day passes the MS grips at his body, he struggles with not being able to take his kids camping, fishing, bike riding and all the things a healthy family can easily take for granted.

“I want to watch my kids grow up to lead joyful and happy lives, not watch their daddy in hospital, wondering why I can’t be with them,” said Peter.

Peter needs to go overseas for advanced stem cell treatment to help repair the nerve damage that is occurring and disabling his life. It is a combination of aggressive chemotherapy and a transplant of his own stem cells that will reboot/ rebuild his entire immune system. This treatment is only available abroad and has been shown to be extremely successful in other MS sufferers.

“In the last 12-18 months my health has gone down significantly and now I can’t even walk my kids to school or do any activities with them. My heart breaks when they want to go to the park and play or ask to go to the beach as I know that I cannot actively participate with them,” said Peter.

“I now struggle to walk without falling over and most days have trouble talking. I am now finding it hard to swallow, which is scaring me. A simple thing like using a knife and fork is now a strenuous exercise for me. My life has become a shell of what it used to be and it is hard on my kids as they don’t understand.”
Peter has started a Go Fund Me page, with the goal of reaching $45,000 for his treatment and is grateful to have received $11,000 in donations to date.

“I’m a positive person and I’ll do everything I can to beat this disease. There’s hope and with your help and support, be it through donation or sharing my fundraising campaign, it will enable me to experience this wonderful life I have been blessed with.”

The money raised will go towards paying for the treatment. Peter is hoping to go overseas by late May 2017 as the disease is progressing quickly and the longer he waits the more damage that is occurring to his nervous system. Having exhausted all medical and alternative therapy treatments in Australia, he is currently working with his doctor to slow the progression while awaiting his treatment.

“I hope to be able to participate in my family’s life again. To be here to watch and actively guide my kids as they grow up. I cherish the thought of that day, and hope it will happen soon.”


Peter in his healthier daysPeter in his earlier days.


Please visit Peter’s fundraising page for further information, videos and to donate

Peter can be contacted on 0412 708 008 or via email