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Gold Coast Fishing Spots Website

Gold Coast Fishing Spots Website

The Gold Coast is obviously not wanting of suitable waters for fishing. Our waterways city is a paradise for anyone who connects to the waters in various ways, and that includes fishing.

There is an obvious growth in the amount of landbased fishing, not only on the Gold Coast, but all over the world, in the recent year. While word-of-mouth information still works for many fishos, the world wide web has also enhanced the experience of finding fishing spots.

Motivated by his own sense of curiosity and his love for fishing, David Allman created Gold Coast Fishing Spots, an online map of fishing spots on the Gold Coast that he has personally visited and fished. He has enjoyed land-based fishing since he moved to the Gold Coast from Sydney back in 2015. He would usually just visit the spots he already knew around the Helensvale, Paradise Point and Main Beach areas, but became bored with these areas, as other anglers visited the same spots.

“Curiosity got the better of me, so I decided to have a look on the internet for more fishing spots. But people usually don’t share their secret locations, and in general, there isn’t a great deal of info out there,” David remembers. “I started looking at Google Maps for some other potential fishing spots around the coast, and what a bonanza! Driving around and checking them out, I was amazed at how many there are. Most times, there’s nobody else there!”

David realised that a website was the perfect way to share with everyone the abundance of great fishing spots on the Gold Coast; hence, the birth of the website simply named, Gold Coast Fishing Spots. Visitors to the website can expect to find more than 200 mapped fishing spots on the Gold Coast. Each location has been personally visited and photographed by David to verify its suitability for fishing, ease of access and safety. The majority of locations are family-friendly and suitable for all ages. There is even information to let you know if it is an easy place to launch your kayak.

Currently, Gold Coast Fishing Spots has 217 mapped saltwater land-based and kayak-fishing locations stretching from Coomera in the north to Currumbin in the south, and west to Nerang. Out of the 217 locations, 192 spots on the Broadwater, and along canals, creeks and rivers, have been published on their own article page with the location image. The remaining 25 locations that do not have their own pages are the surf beach locations, but main map directions are available. Information on each spot includes detailed key features, with its own interactive satellite map of the area. It also provides comprehensive directions for driving, walking, cycling, and even real time public transport, using Google Maps.

The fishing spots are in different locations that include Currumbin, Tallebudgera, Loders, Coombabah and Saltwater Creeks, the Nerang and Coomera Rivers, as well as a hundred or so canal-fishing locations across the Gold Coast. “It is a good idea to include an extensive list of locations as it gives anglers a wide variety of fishing spots to choose from, depending on their targeted fish species, on ease of access, and also on weather conditions,” David explains. “The website also highlights the locations that cover easy launching of kayaks and canoes for the paddling angler.”

Researching and fishing every location that he has mapped, David is able to enjoy his passion for fishing, as well as provide information free of charge to other avid anglers. “Running the website is very enjoyable as I get to visit, research and slowly fish every location. It’s a great pleasure to share this information as there are more than enough fishing spots on the Gold Coast for everyone to go around.”

In his research and fishing activities, David has had his fair share of awesome moments, too. “On many occasions while being out and about, I’ve seen pods of dolphins, sea turtles, large schools of fish, and a large fish, as well as the odd bull shark lurking in the shallows of the canals.” Being a Mermaid Waters local resident, he enjoys being on his kayak and flicking soft plastics at the “too many to count” pontoons throughout the Mermaid Waters canal system. “Even if the fish aren’t biting, it’s very relaxing to just paddle around the canals silently enjoying the peace and quiet.”

David emphasises that the website has been created for everyone to use free of charge. Its main purpose is to help people find a great fishing spot on the Gold Coast, whether they are local or just visiting. “I can’t say I’m an expert on the Gold Coast waterways, but I’m confident in knowing enough about each area to give users and visitors to the website some helpful general information.”



Published in print July-September 2021


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