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The popularity of dry boat storage is rising in Australia and for very good reason. On the outside, the facility is very subdued passing as any other boat work shed. Inside, however, looks like a very complex vessel library – each boat ready to be pulled off the shelf at the owner’s request. And to the owner, it really is that simple.

Dry boat storing – or drystacking – your vessel offers endless benefits. Enjoy the ease of knowing your boat is locked up and secure. Specifically, around the Gold Coast street parking your boat and trailer can be risky for theft, vandalism and council fines. Keeping your boat in a dry storage facility also removes the need for a boat trailer and heavy-duty hauling vehicle altogether. No need to spend the extra money on big ticket items you normally wouldn’t purchase if not for your vessel.

Dry Boat Storage facilities have begun to pop up all around. The options are endless so choosing a facility that serves your needs best is key. Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard’s award-winning facility is home to their Premier Dry Boat Storage. There are endless reasons why they are a cut above the rest but here are just a few.

1- Security – GCCM knows how important your vessel is to you. The comprehensive CCTV coverage and 24/7 security make it near impossible for boat theft or vandalism.

2- Convenience – Save the time and money you would normally spend getting your boat to and from a ramp. By keeping your boat in GCCM’s dry stack facility, you are right on the water with access to their concierge and drystack valet services operating 7 days a week (excluding Christmas Day and Good Friday). No need for the boat trailer or the heavy-duty towing vehicle. Give them a call 1 hour before you want to head out and they will have your boat off the rack and in the water.

You only need to bring yourself. If you arrive before your friends or family enjoy the air-conditioned Customer Lounge with complimentary WiFi, toilets, showers and much more. The on-site restaurant – Quarterdeck Kitchen & Bar – has you covered for your food and beverage needs and if you require fuel, there are diesel and unleaded fuel bowsers as you head out of the marina.

As you return, tie your boat up to the pontoon and the GCCM crew will do the rest. If you are having too much fun to make it back before the last lift out at 4pm your boat will be the first one out of the water the next day. It really is that easy!

3- Less maintenance and chance of deterioration (Overall costs of owning a boat are reduced) – Keeping your boat in drystack protects it from unpredictable weather conditions, ultraviolet rays, dust, mould, and those pesky seagulls leaving their mark. By storing your boat out of the marina, the costs of boat ownership drop dramatically. Lifting your boat out after each use means no need for regular cleaning, detailing or antifouling since your hull is not exposed to conditions that cause corrosion and growth.

4- Better for the environment – Moving boats out of the water while they aren’t in use means less oil, fuel and sewage leaking into our waterways. It also reduces the impact of toxins from anti-fouling paints.

5- Best dry boat stack facility on the Gold Coast – GCCMs state-of-the-art dry stack facility is the largest of its kind in South East Queensland and a Marina of the Year Awards Finalist for Best Drystack Storage Facility in Australia. Don’t just take our word for it. Give Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard a call to set up a tour of their award-winning facility.



Published in print July-September 2021




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