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Golden Elevator: A Unique Boat Lift

Golden Elevator: A Unique Boat Lift

Local boat lifting specialists, Dockpro, now distribute the industry’s best Golden Elevator to Australian boat owners.

Golden Elevator Lifts® is a premium solution that can be used in the most extreme docking situations such as concrete canal walls, high fixed jetties or steep embankments.

Guaranteed your boat will be lifted higher than ever. No matter the distance of the water level to the ground, your boat can easily be lifted up and down. The Golden Elevator Lifts® are ideally suited for water applications with great depths or sites where levels of water fluctuate.

The minimalist design makes it ideal for different boat styles and hull shapes. The degree of incline of the lifting system will be determined by your installation requirements.

You don’t need to worry about weather, water conditions, or water depth. Suitable for many tricky locations, the Golden Elevator Lifts® offer great lift speed in tight or restricted places such as a narrow canal or at a location where you can’t have fixed pilings in the seabed or because of necessary permits, an embankment, a rock wall or a seawall. The Golden Elevator Lifts® allows boat lifting in impossible places.

Manufactured in the USA, the Golden Elevator Lifts® are custom-built for your docking location.

Built with maximum features, each component is welded for durability and strength, allowing weight capacity from 300kg to 27,000kg.

In addition to clever design, Golden Elevator Lifts® are 6061 T-6 aluminum with stainless steel hardware. Their winders are solid aluminium with deep grooves and have a larger-than-average diameter for extended cable life. This contributes to greater lift speed. They don’t come close to exceeding the bending radius of the cable.

You can be assured that your boat will sleep safe and sound because the Golden Elevator Lifts® utilise heavy-duty materials, wheels, and accessories. Featuring stainless steel cables, wheel brackets, and axles, all used for a clean, safe, and strong build. Moreover, sacrificial metal anodes complete the boat lifts, serving as protection against electrolysis.

Also contributing to the solid strength of Golden Elevator Lifts® is the use of 12 wheels with stainless equaliser brackets (versus the average 6, or fewer), and welded box construction for drive connection to track beam. Carpeted bunk boards are also a standard feature.

There’s no higher-quality boat lift than Golden Elevator Lifts®. The lifts are covered by the following warranties: 5 years on structural parts, 10 years on Golden Sea-Drive® Gear Reducer, and 2 years on all other parts.

Built to withstand tough water conditions, like strong waves and currents, these systems can lift your boat higher in an unlimited water fluctuation environment. This means that they are less likely to get damaged and require less maintenance and repair.

The elevator boat lifts showcase a stylish, low-profile design that enables ultra-fast docking operations and accessibility to hull and prop.

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Published in the August – November 2020 print edition.

Editorial by Andy Kancachian