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Great Products FOR Boating

Great Products FOR Boating

Your boating adventure starts here, with a selection of leading products to improve your time out on the water. Join the conversation on our social media channels and let us know about any of these products you’ve used. You can recommend a great product for us to review by contacting



The JP4 is made for the whole family to enjoy, designed with 3 comfortable forward facing seats and 1 kneeling position at the rear. Fitted with a GoPro mount, you can capture all the action this Summer. Designed for up to 4 riders, built-in angle side wings, heavy duty full nylon cover with zipper, heavy gauge PVC bladder, double webbing foam handles with padded knuckle guards, pull up straps for re-boarding, self-bailing drain vent, reinforced tow system, quick connect tow hook, Go Pro mount, padded valve cover, and comes with a puncture repair kit. Dimensions (cm): (L) 231cm X (W) 238cm (Deflated size)

BOOK: COASTING A Sailing and Dining Odyssey Along Australian Shores

The sixth photographic coffee table book Rob and Rosemary Peterswald have published. It is a salute to Australia’s wonderful east coast — from the southern tip of Tasmania to Cape York in far north Queensland — its sparkling sailing waters, fine seafood dining and joy of life.

The magnificent East Coast of Australia stretches from the cold and windy tip of Southern Tasmania, in the latitudes of the ‘Roaring Forties’, to the tropical Torres Strait Islands north of Cape York Peninsula. No other nation possesses such a coastline. Its length and diversity of climate, oceanography, topography and beauty are unmatched. Some years ago, Rob and Rosemary Peterswald set off to sail their ketch, Oceania, from the bottom to the top. They planned to follow in the wakes of Abel Tasman, Matthew Flinders, George Bass, James Cook and many other famous seamen — some of the greatest explorers the world has seen — and decided that Port Davey on the West Coast of Tasmania, where the European exploration of the East Coast of Australia had begun nearly four centuries ago, was the logical place for them to begin their voyage.

Apart from the sailing and the history, there was another aspect of the coastline that they planned to enjoy. Perhaps nowhere in the world is there such a fusion of cuisines and wines, and such a wealth of seafood, from the clear cold waters of the deep south, to the sumptuous fish of the Coral Sea.

The voyage left them with the memories of very many rich experiences that they recorded in their now out-of-print book, Beyond the Shore. Thanks to the advances in digital photography, and the vast changes in the culinary scene, Rob and Rosemary now tell their story anew in the beautiful, sumptuous book Coasting.

‘We hope it does justice to our beautiful coast and the marvellous restaurants we have featured — each one sharing a favourite recipe of their own. Enjoy the journey.’ Rob and Rosemary Peterswald.

Available at Boat Books, selected bookshops, and online at :


More than just sunglasses, Tonic is a brand with the backing of years of research & development, born from passion with dedication to producing the finest sunglass optics for Australian conditions, some of the harshest on the planet. Tonic’s unique VistaView™ lenses represent the culmination of a 27-year quest to constantly push the boundaries in optical technology.

Now it’s your turn to push your own boundaries, to raise the bar and to do and see things that you previously would have missed, all with the aid of Tonic Polarised Eyewear. The Bono range delivers on quality and style with a slick and stylish frame suited to all occasions. These sturdy yet light-weight frames will cut through glare and increase clarity to ensure that you never miss a moment in the great outdoors. The frame is a gloss black, with a choice of either copper photochromic or grey photochromic glass lenses.


SeaDart PRO sea scooter fully built from carbon fibre. It has the looks to hold its own on any superyacht and the performance to back it up. Fully built from T-3000 modulus carbon fibre and hitting speeds of 25 km/h in the brand new i-mode, this is the fastest underwater scooter in the world. It will run flat out for 90 mins whilst comfortably taking you down to 30m. This is the greatest sea scooter in the world.


To clean and protect your expensive clears! Extend the life and ensure the best crystal clear views through your clears with Cleanaworx Clears Cleaner. Cleans, protects and shines clears & vinyl. Sun protection formula – UV+ resistant. Extends the life of vinyl & clears. Clearer view. Extends the life of stitching & zips.






Published in print April-June 2022