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HABOURFORCE MARINE is proud to introduce a new line of Premium Ceramic Coatings – FORCE ONE Durable Sealant and FORCE TWO Ceramic Clearcoat. Ideal for small boats to superyachts.

Ceramic coatings offer excellent gloss and durability and are a great solution to protect a boat’s surface from the harshness of the elements, repelling UV rays and not allowing penetration by salt and acid rain. When a boat is treated with a ceramic coating, invisible nanoparticles seal all pores in the surface, and it becomes hydrophobic – repelling water. Problematic diesel soot and black streaks can be easily washed off simply by using soap and water, without scrubbing away at your expensive paintwork.


Force One is a premium-quality durable sealant. It has exceptional easy clean properties and gives a durable long-lasting shine. Force One can help you stretch the time between paintjobs and makes even veteran paint surfaces look fabulous. Force One is an easy-to-apply sealant. While it provides a deep gloss it also maintains the original appearance of paintwork.

Force Two is our premium ceramic clearcoat. It is a much thicker coating than Force One, while providing the same deep gloss and easy clean properties. Force Two is exceptionally durable, and is ideal for high traffic areas, and less accessible areas also. Force Two is an exceptional application for waterlines, transom doors and hulls. It makes water lines simple to clean up for diesel soot, oils, and tea staining (discolouration of stainless steel). Force Two is also great at protecting dark hull colours from sunscreen staining. Chemicals contained in some sunscreens can permanently mark dark hulls and Force Two is an effective solution to prevent this common staining problem.


FORCE ONE can be removed, after application, merely by polishing.

FORCE TWO is easily and simply removed, without damaging the foundation paintwork underneath, by using a removal gel.


Harbourforce offers a range of interior and exterior boat services to maintain the condition of your vessel, such as machine cut and polishing, scheduled washdowns, carpet cleaning, mould removal, stainless steel polishing, teak rejuvenation, gelcoat repairs and antifoul.

One of the foremost aspects of boat maintenance is the protection of and proper care for a vessel’s gelcoat – the ‘outer-skin’ of your vessel. Cracks, worn out or scratched gelcoat, are a consequence of not taking care of the gelcoat, potentially leading to moisture infiltration in the underlying fibreglass, resulting in serious and costly damage.

Educating boat owners in protective gelcoat measures is crucial at HABOURFORCE, so here are our top 5 tips:

  1. Use marine grade products only.
  2. Thoroughly machine-compound the vessel before wax application.
  3. Use marine-grade wax (acts as sunscreen against harsh conditions).
  4. Have a consistent waxing regime – reapplying every 4-6 months.
  5. Regularly wash-down the vessel.

Contact by email: JEREMY @ HARBOURFORCE or mobile phone: 0410 583 355


Published in print October-December 2021