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Impressive Engineering Improvements: The XL SeaPen

Impressive Engineering Improvements: The XL SeaPen

Local Gold Coast company DOCKPRO are specialists in dry-docking systems for recreational and commercial vessels. SeaPen – Advanced Dry Docking Technology is the first and only docking system of its kind in the world that works exclusively at water level with drive-in, reverse-in, side-berth and multi-entries, it makes it easier to dock your boat. Since 2004, the locally made SeaPen has been helping clients keep their boats clean and barnacle free.

In 2016, DOCKPRO released the SeaPen XL that has had some major improvements that have been noticed by past customers and wowed at. Listening to customers, DOCKPRO re-engineered the SeaPen to make a product that was already grand and a market leader even better. Production has doubled since releasing the XL model.

About the SeaPen
The SeaPen incorporates a special polymer outer skin that is barnacle-proof and isolates the hull of your boat from the water, and never needs removing or cleaning. Inside the skin is a unique rope mesh that assists in drainage and creates ventilation around the hull. Just drive your boat in, turn on the bilge pump and within a few minutes your boat will be out of the water and dry docked. The SeaPen system makes it easier to clean the hull and motor with our specifically designed walkways that fit your SeaPen perfectly.

The first prototypes of the SeaPen were installed in 1997 after a great deal of research and development, and went into full time production in 2004. Since then, the SeaPen has been consistently improved upon, thanks in many instances to feedback from our clients. In 2007, DOCKPRO was established as the exclusive sales and marketing agent for SeaPen, and are based at the Gold Coast Marine Precinct in Coomera, Queensland.

DOCKPRO also sell and own FloatBricks – The Original. These are great for all personal watercrafts and vessels under 6m, along with walkways and platforms.
Just jump on and go, be out on the water enjoying your jet ski or small boat in seconds. With great combinations, the FloatBricks systems make it easy to walk around your PWC or boat to clean it, and keeps your jet ski vital parts well clear of water and protected from the elements.

Floatbricks combinations are limitless—any shape, any size, anywhere. Why not turn that dead space into useable space, rent the new berths and create additional income? Create walkways between your docks, or platforms on lakes. FloatBricks modular design is practical and affordable.

The DOCKPRO team have over 35 years of combined experience in dry-docking and are always on hand to discuss your needs. So if you are looking at dry-docking for your vessels or platforms for your marina, call DOCKPRO and ask about the SeaPen and FloatBricks systems.

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In 2007, I purchased the first side entry SeaPen to match a new Maritimo 48. After a few ‘teething” issues (as can be expected with a new model), the SeaPen has performed well. It was not until recently that we knew how well it worked. I recently sold the Maritimo 48 and we slipped her for the first time in nine years for the survey inspection. We were very impressed with what we saw. The hull and antifouling were like new—just the single original factory applied coat. So there was no antifouling build-up, of course. There was no sign of any growth and all water inlets were like new. Not a barnacle or sea worm in sight. The props could do with a polish to make them look like new again, and the metal shaft supports simply required a clean and a coat of new antifouling. The SeaPen provided excellent fuel economy over the past nine years and the excellent hull performance of a new boat every time we used the boat. The buyer of the boat was so impressed. He also bought the SeaPen. A win-win for everyone! I definitely had no hesitation in ordering a new SeaPen to match our slightly larger new Maritimo 50 arriving soon. The peace of mind the SeaPen provides ensures more enjoyable boating and no guilty feelings if you leave the boat for extended periods when you travel. – Neil, Cleveland (Queensland)



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