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Jet Sprint Boat Racing for Kids

Jet Sprint Boat Racing for Kids

The Australian Formula Jet Sprint Association (AFJSA) is the governing body for V8 Superboats in which meetings are run throughout the year from Cabarita NSW to Keith SA. We hold approximately 7 rounds per year on our calendar. In this unique sport, we race against the clock with qualifying rounds, and then into elimination rounds to determine a winner of each class.

In previous seasons, there have been 3 classes of racing: LS class, International Group A class (400’s) and Unlimited Superboats. This year the AFJSA has introduced a new Junior Development Class. This class has been designed for 8 to 14 year old’s.

The junior development class is a stepping stone to allow juniors to experience the world of jet sprinting with the view to moving into the senior classes once they have come of age. In introducing this class, we are hoping to create future jet sprinters.

The boat we have built for the Junior Development Class is a single-seater fibreglass hull built around a 215hp Seadoo supercharged motor and jet unit. These boats are capable of speeds of around 120km an hour and only weigh 270kg. Being able to utilise Seadoo dash and ignition allows for easier boat setup. Running on premium unleaded fuel, the costs are kept to a minimum for race meetings. With a custom trailer built by Oceanic Marine on the Gold Coast, the transportation of the boat to and from events is made possible.

With the way the boat has been designed and built, it caters for kids of different heights with a high roll cage and an adjustable accelerator pedal.

The juniors are restricted by a learner key, which limits the speed and performance for safety reasons. All juniors are required to wear full race gear when competing to maintain maximum possible safety. There is only one boat allowed on track at any one time, and juniors race on a shorter track rotation to the ‘big boys’.

This is a great way to get involved in our sport, and to get our kids involved in jet sprint boat racing, without having to outlay a large amount of money.

At present, this boat can be shared among three junior racers at any race meeting around Australia.


Lil Psycho Race Team with the backing of Patriot Campers was established at the start of 2020 with the purchase of this custom boat from Western Australia.

Koby Bourke is the current driver, and at 12 years of age is fast becoming well- adapted to the sport. He is not new to racing as his family has been involved with V8 Superboats for over 25 years. Allowing Koby to race a boat in the sport he loves allows us as a family to go racing together and we are all passionate to see him succeed.

One of our priorities is getting the name of the Lil Psycho race team out there, and allowing people to follow Koby’s exciting journey. One way we’re doing this is by branching out into merchandise and being active on social media.

If anyone is interested and would like more information, they are welcome to come and see us at a race meeting or Cabarita club day. You can follow us via Facebook and Instagram profiles, as well as on our website.

By Grant Bourke

Published in the August – November 2020 print edition.


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