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JETPILOT Seekers of Summer

JETPILOT Seekers of Summer

At Jetpilot they make it a priority to seek out good times, warm weather and any action on the water. To gear up for summer in Australia, Jetpilot rounded up a crew and headed out for their Seekers of Summer camping trip.

They gathered skis, boats, camper trailers, tunes and a few bevies, then got underway to Lake Maroon, an isolated area in the Scenic Rim, located 2 hours inland from the Gold Coast. The location was ideal for the team to let loose out on the water and test the Jetpilot gear to the limits.

The weather forecast was ultimately gloomy with possible showers, however the crew were in good spirits and pumped to have some fun out on the water. For two days, the crew spent time testing life vests and inflatables, and hit the water running with high flying wake board tests – to the max!

By the end of the trip everyone was showing signs of a successful camping getaway; messy hair, snags and pasta salad for breakfast, clothes that smelt like a camp fire and the all-important success test, the crew had the biggest smiles on their faces!

It was truly the ultimate camping trip, one to remember for a long time to come! Big thanks to the teams at Patriot Campers, Axis Boats, Malibu Boats, JSW Powersports, Seadoo and GME, all helping to ensure success on the ultimate camping trip.




Published in print January-March 2022

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