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JOMO – 3M FAMILY FUN BOAT – Ideal for fishing, swimming, tube rides, wakeboarding, and foil surfing

JOMO – 3M FAMILY FUN BOAT – Ideal for fishing, swimming, tube rides, wakeboarding, and foil surfing

It was an interesting decision that we had never considered. Coming from a large 22ft powerboat, we started looking around for a boat that was easy on the salt water, light to tow, strong and stable. After testing the JOMO, I was blown away by the stability of the boat. And the maintenance and durability benefits of a roto-moulded hull, with a long warranty, sold me on the JOMO boat. The fact that we can use a 20hp engine on a 3m boat is outstanding and the lack of maintenance or worry about rusting has been a massive stress saver. Meaning more time on the water and less time washing,” says Steven Anderson.

Steven is the founder of Follow Wake, an international wakeboarding wearable and accessories company. He is a keen wakeboarder and wakesurfer, who has been actively boating for over 15 years. He also worked for the Victorian dealer of Malibu boats for a while, so he has owned 2 Malibu’s in the last 7 years.

With a sporty wife and 3 kids, Steven bought a JOMO 3m model powered by a 20hp engine. The JOMO comfortably fits Steven’s family. The boat can plane quickly and easily due to the unique hull design. With the rear tabs, steering is smooth and precise, even in choppy conditions. JOMO is legally allowed to use a motor up to 20hp, unlike any other 3m boats in the world, with many limited to 5hp. It goes to the plane with a 6hp motor, making it ideal for children and as a tender.

Steven and his family love boating on the Tweed River. The water on high tide is some of the best water quality in the world. Since he bought his JOMO boat, he has also been taking his family wakeboarding at Tallebudgera Creek, which was not an option with the big boats he has owned in the past.

The JOMO has many after-market options to add as they utilise the boat more and imagine what accessories can enhance their boating life. Steven explains, “I’ve added hooks on the rear to the standard inserts from the factory so we can attach a bridle for the wakeboarding and tow sports. I think the next investment in accessories is a bimini.”

Steven’s family use the JOMO for fishing, swimming, tube rides for the kids, wakeboarding and foil surfing, so safety is their top priority. “In my experience, some small boats can be challenging in waters with large boat wakes in the area. However, we have had zero issues with the JOMO, we haven’t even flooded the bow yet. Not that it matters, seeing as the JOMO being a neutral buoyancy, it won’t sink.”

It is almost impossible to damage the hull as it has five times the strength of fibreglass. A naval architect designed the JOMO to be stable both at rest and on the move. It planes comfortably and easily, even with only one person on board. The boat is roto-moulded using the latest materials and techniques. This creates a double skin that makes level flotation possible and provides a soft quiet ride. There is drainage underfloor to keep the feet dry and self-draining bungs that will stop water entering, even if the bungs are forgotten. The storage lockers are water-resistant and water drains around them.

“After owning and using many boats for family recreational sports, I have loved the simplicity, reliability, stability and ease of maintenance of the JOMO. In the past, owning large boats required preparation and cleaning, and took the fun out of boating for myself. Since buying the boat, every weekend the kids demand to go out in the JOMO. It has gone from, ‘Do we have to go out in the boat?’ to ‘Can we go?’. I’m looking forward to the new 4m model, I’m 100% upgrading.”

The JOMO is unsinkable, indestructible, aesthetic and comfortable, with all the functions of a leisure vessel and would even be suitable as a tender for a luxury yacht.


  • licensed to carry four people
  • solid level non-slip floor
  • two large areas for dry storage
  • space for fuel tanks
  • anchor well with cleat mounted
  • handles ensure easy reach of passengers
  • bow handle makes moving simple
  • drink holders
  • six RailBlaza attachments and a CleatPort


  • padded and seat back
  • casting deck & electric trolling motor mount
  • rod holders and navigation lights
  • dinghy wheels to move the boat
  • ladder for easy access to water
  • side console
  • stainless rails
  • davits and lifting eyes for tenders
  • SeaDek EVA foam

JOMO is a boat for the world!

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Published in print April-June 2022