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Launching A Jet Ski

Launching A Jet Ski

Launching your jet ski can be an exhilarating, yet daunting experience – especially the first time. Most jet ski enthusiasts love to take advantage of the weekend by heading out on the water; however, on weekends waterways are abuzz with activity. Unfortunately, 95 percent of jet ski accidents occur in congested docks. Here are basic tips on how to disengage your jet ski from your trailer and launch it safely to prevent accidents.

Busy ramps require an efficient launch. Ensure you are proficient at backing up your trailer. If not, some practice in an open parking lot will make your experience at the ramp so much easier.

As you near the ramp, ensure your jet ski’s engine will start. Also, be sure to remove the rear tie-downs, which attach your jet ski to your trailer (leaving the front winch strap on), and remember to insert the drain plugs in to prevent water entering the hull.

With that done, you’re ready to position your trailer so it runs straight with the ramp. As jet skis are smaller than boats, it’s a good idea to open your car door so you can guide your trailer safely down the ramp. Proceed slowly and stop the car before your trailer’s tires touch the water. Put your car in park (or neutral), and put your hand brake on before exiting the vehicle. Undo the winch strap and continue backing up until the jet ski floats off the trailer of its own accord. You may have to get out and give the jet ski a little push to get it going, if your jet ski does not have a reverse gear.

Once your jet ski is completely afloat, jump aboard and start the engine. Ride your jet ski to the closest and safest place to secure the short rope. A short rope can really come in handy, as there is no possibility of it being sucked up into the jet ski’s pump. And, as you know, nothing can ruin your weekend quite like an expensive repair bill.

With your jet ski safely secured, you can head back to the ramp to park your car. While the majority of people at the dock will understand that launching a jet ski is a time consuming process, don’t dally. They’re all as anxious as you are to get out on the water.


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