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Local Waterski Champion: Abbey Teague

Local Waterski Champion: Abbey Teague

Abbey first learned to ski when she was nine years old. “It was at the dam, with my family,” she recalls. “After that, when I was ten, we drove out to Oz Ski Resort in Coolum, and Emma (Sheers) and Rick took me through the slalom course for the first time. I instantly fell in love with it. Later, Emma taught me how to trick ski, and also took me over the jump ramp.”

This love of the sport shines through in Abbey’s rigorous training schedule. “During school terms, I train five days a week, with the flexibility of being able to leave school at lunch time three days a week to fit in a reasonable training session. During the school holidays, I spend every weekday at the lake. On top of training on the water, I am also in the gym three to four times a week, preparing my body for the water.”

This commitment is certainly paying off, though. When asked what it is that makes Teague so great, her coach, Emma Sheers, has plenty to say. “Abbey has a real love for competition. She is a fierce competitor and a really strong athlete for her age. She loves to win and push herself to new levels. She doesn’t always like training, but she loves doing well in competitions. Being a competitor first makes her prepared to work hard in training. Abbey was a gymnast when she was younger, which has helped with her trick skiing and her general balance and awareness of her body on the water. She also plays a lot of touch football, which helps with her fitness. I think with all our girls we get them to work hard both on and off the water. They have personally-tailored gym programs, and we have a great team of people around them (masseuse, physios, and trainers) working on their fitness, strength, and injury prevention.”

Abbey has some tips for aspiring athletes, too. “Make sure you love it, so the sacrifices are worth it. Be dedicated and committed. Be patient – it takes time to progress through the sport and see improvement, just like how in any sport, there are good days and bad days. But most importantly, have fun!”

When asked about her ambitions for later in life, Abbey notes that she wants to stick with the sport. “I want to still be involved in some way, whether it is coaching, or competing while studying at university.”


By Kellie Byrnes