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Morris Yachts, America’s premier builder of sailing yachts from 29-to-80 feet, is continuing to build on the success of its M-Series line of yachts by introducing a new product extension called the M-Series “X-Type”.

The new X-Type packages from Morris will be available in three of its M-Series Yachts as the M29x, M36x and M42x.

The core focus of the X-Type program is to add a new level of enhanced sailing performance and driver feedback to the quality, craftsmanship and beauty already found within the rest of the M-Series line.

“Offering an X-Type package with enhanced performance and details is for Morris Yachts what the AMG is to Mercedes Benz or the S-Line is to Audi,” says Morris CEO Doug Metchick.

“These boats are for the type of owner who appreciates having a little more under the hood but also wants the uncompromising beauty, sophistication, quality and luxury one expects from owning a Morris.”

The concept is simple. Morris started with the award-winning quality, distinctive good looks, and innovative engineering that goes into every M-Series model built in their state-of-the-art facility on the coast of Maine.

Then they partnered with Sparkman & Stephens to push the design envelope further in order to ensure maximum sailing performance in all conditions.

This means that in addition to the long list of options that come standard on all Morris Yachts, the X-Type models are also equipped with a powerful high modulus carbon fiber rig from Hall Spars and high-performance 3Di sails from North Sails.

Also included is a deeper, high aspect ratio stainless steel fin keel that provides rock-solid stability and enhances sail carrying ability while taking additional weight out of the boat. Each slippery fast hull is faired to ultra-precise tolerances and covered with drag reducing bottom paint.

A unique carbon fiber and teak wheel delivers finger-tip control and a more performance-oriented look. And speed stealing weight has been removed by using resin infusion on the hull and covering the deck with simple non-skid rather than teak.

“We’ve just splashed our first M29x and the owner is ecstatic,” says Metchick.

“Already a beautiful boat, the added horsepower makes her a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The boat is a blast to sail.” X-Type models from Morris Yachts are refined, rewarding, rocket ship fast, and redefine what a luxury performance boat can be.

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