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Offshore Fishing & Family Fun – STABICRAFT 2250 ULTRACAB WT

Offshore Fishing & Family Fun – STABICRAFT 2250 ULTRACAB WT

Stabicraft recently launched its exciting new 2250 Ultracab Walkthrough (WT). Following in its much-loved sibling’s footsteps, this model is the natural follow-up to the original 2250, introduced back in 2019.

The model for the 2250 Ultracab WT originated from Stabicraft’s Pacific Northwest customers’ feedback. While it has only been on the market for a short time, the 2250 Ultracab WT has been the ultimate tourer, gaining popularity worldwide and sure to impress you too. This boat has been crafted for coastal exploring, island hopping and fishing, with the ability to do anything in between. The 2250 Ultracab WT performs exceptionally well for a 7-meter boat and is rated to a maximum of 300hp in either single or twin motors.

Stabicraft, responding to popular demand, has ensured the new 2250 Ultracab WT meets their customers’ wants by introducing a full-height walkthrough in the forward leaning cabin, allowing for comfortable access to the foredeck and ventilation. Having the walkthrough makes this boat ideal for island hopping and fishing in rough waters as it grants access to the bow, so there is no need to climb around the side of the boat.

The configuration of the walkthrough was designed around a spacious forward-leaning pilothouse, allowing for more space in the cabin, which truly caters to the 8-person capacity, improves visibility from the helm and prevents windscreen fogging. A new doorway design includes a three-piece structure:

  1. The fold-down bottom section forms the steps from the cabin.
  2. The frameless glass centre pane lifts up to slide into a roof slot slide.
  3. The centre pane and roof slot slide rearward into the cabin.

Do you love the sound of the 2250 Ultracab WT so far? Well, it gets better with overnighters possible (with upgrades) by utilising the optional vee-berth plus convertible double-cabin securely sleeping four adults. No need to worry about another titanic moment while you’re sleeping, with the added rigidity to the hull that helps make Stabicraft vessels unsinkable!

Ensuring no one is left out, hardcore fishermen and women will be pleased to know that the 2250 Ultracab WT is true to its Stabicraft heritage. The welded aluminium floor supports the overall strength and permanence, and of course, the famous legendary arrow pontoons. Featuring the Game Chaser transom as a standard, this was originally designed for backing up on game fish. Now the model has also demonstrated a vast winner for skippers who desire to nose their boats into the shoreline.

This boat is well worth investigating, whether you’re after a hardcore fishing boat or something more family-friendly, you can adventure with confidence knowing the 2250 Ultracab WT will cater for your needs. There are currently two packages available, the 2250 Ultracab WT and the 2250 Ultracab WT Offshore. Knowing you’ll also be backed by Northside Marine and reliable Yamaha outboards, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

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Published in print April-June 2022