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PowerCat: Fibreglass Catamarans

PowerCat: Fibreglass Catamarans

The company behind Australia’s most awarded range of fibreglass powered catamarans, PowerCat Marine, is about to enter a new era with its long term associate, Grant Oliver, about to take over at the helm.

Steve and Lynda Shaw built PowerCat Marine over the last twenty years into the iconic brand that it is today. With the boating industry showing strong signs of recovery, the time is now right to hand the baton on to the next generation, and no one could step up to the task better than Grant.

Grant and his wife Melissa have been manufacturing the PowerCat boats under licence for over a decade, and will ensure that the high quality of product and customer service will remain unchanged.

The PowerCat brand has been around since the 1970s and came from a high-performance racing background, although they were widely known for being tough workboats. Steve and Lynda re-gathered the product, and set about a major revamp of the brand. They turned the already well-respected model line-up into a more luxurious “sports car on water” feel, which has taken the business to new heights. They have built a global client base with thousands of satisfied customers.

The PowerCat range of twin-hull vessels is designed for a wide variety of on-water uses including offshore sports fishing and family cruising, as well as commercial applications such as marine rescue and diving. The hulls are known for their stability, smooth ride, exceptional fuel economy, and safe handling.

The PowerCat models have been awarded numerous accolades, including Overall Boat of the Year and Australia’s Safest Boat, and have regularly featured in the Best Boat Lists of publications around the world. The company is a regular exhibitor at boat shows in Australia and will be exhibiting again at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in May 2019.



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