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Powerful Message: Saltwater Story

Powerful Message: Saltwater Story

When I arrived in 1987, there were 220,000 people on the Coast – in just thirty years, it has tripled to become the 6th largest city on the continent. Australia’s youngest major city – there are still people alive who can remember when it was a few shacks and not much else – the Gold Coast can seem like a municipal adolescent, altering its appearance daily, its eye always on tomorrow. Disinterested in its origins, bored by its past, it is the apotheosis of Western culture. The sky is never empty of cranes constructing or demolishing glittering towers. Like the sand and tides that define it, it is reshaped daily, an amnesiac city for whom yesterday is as nothing.

But this isn’t entirely true. The truth is that this is a city in transition; there are signs everywhere that it is ready to leave behind the narcissism of youth, the ignorance of its history. 380 people have arrived here every day for the last thirty years, which means that, like me, most of the people who live here weren’t born here. We don’t know the story of the country we now call home, and it’s difficult to hear that story with the noise of city, hard to see that country with all the stuff we’ve put on top of it.


By Benjamin Allmon


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