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The Covid pandemic has hit everyone hard in very different ways. While the boating industry in general has come out relatively unscathed in economic terms, Proyacht, a leading Gold Coast boat management and repair company based at The Boat Works, has experienced a different kind of Covid headache. Proyacht has gone through an almost overwhelming increase in demand for their professional, high quality refit services, leading to incredibly long hours, a crowded schedule and constant recruitment drives to expand their expert team of shipwrights, engineers, anti-foulers and detailers.

The simple fact is that, as the outside world slammed the doors and pulled in the welcome mats, a significant number of shrewd boat owners quickly recognised a clear opportunity to minimise the negative effects of this ‘new normal’. They cleverly decided to throw money at their boats in a two-pronged strategic response to the world suddenly shrinking around them; they created an instant ‘Covid-safe’ vacation option for their families and friends, while also investing in an increasingly valuable, in-demand asset. Indeed, several brokers continue to indicate that stocks of used boats are at an all-time low, so even more owners are undertaking refits on their current boats in order to maximise potential gains. As a result of this, Proyacht has experienced a 200% increase in business coming through its doors.

Established in 2006, Proyacht has always had an entire team on hand to undertake all refit projects, big or small. Over the past year, Proyacht has stoically risen to the Covid workload challenge. Steve Dittmar, owner and director, anticipates that demand for their services will stay incredibly high for the rest of 2021.

Scott Corby, Proyacht’s leading shipwright, brings over 30 years’ high level expertise and valuable industry connections to the refit table, giving Proyacht a distinct edge across the board.

Proyacht utilises a steady, well-tested combination of old-fashioned service, expertise, honesty, and sound communication, which always ensures the best possible outcomes for their customers.

Some of Proyacht’s most notable recent refit projects include hydraulic swim platform installations, new teak decking installations, bow and stern thruster installations, engine room overhauls, sound-proofing installations, electronics upgrades, and complete interior make-overs.

Clearly, it may take many months into this long Covid journey and a long while to go before we can all dust off our suitcases and roam widely and safely abroad once again. Smart boat owners continue to schedule their refit work with Proyacht, either well in advance or at the last minute, when their boats are out of the water for another reason; a simple routine antifoul, a hull repair, or an engine service will often organically (and very suddenly) spiral into a much larger project.

Demand is still almost overwhelming. However, as Steve Dittmar states in his down-to-earth manner, “The key characteristics at play here are positivity, flexibility, adaptability, and simply working nonstop to get the job done. It can sometimes completely blow out the weekly schedule, but we just have to keep rolling with it. Looking at other countries and even other places here in Australia, we can’t really complain about anything, can we?”

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Proyacht Boat Management is located at The Boat Works Coomera facilities