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Award-winning company Schenker Watermakers draws on over twenty years of design and manufacturing expertise to create a range of compact, lightweight and energy-efficient desalination units that are quiet, affordable and ideal for small spaces. Whether you’re heading offshore, up-river or simply want peace of mind, the new Zen range guarantees a safe supply of clean drinking water for your boat. A Schenker Watermaker means no more queuing at marinas and with an end to onboard water rationing. Everyone is happy.

The Schenker Watermaker engineers collaborated with boat owners to develop the Zen range. The result was a range of water makers designed with fewer components and composite materials to reduce weight, and redesigned seals using nanotechnology for superior reliability. Offering the flexibility of 30, 50 and 100 litre per hour units, Schenker Watermakers use an easy-to-operate remote automatic controller, allowing timed operation and the all-important flushing. The Zen 30, 50 and 100 units are available in 12 or 24VDC, and the Zen 100 is also available in a 230VAC version. Schenker Watermakers’ Modular range also offers larger energy-efficient water maker up to 500 litres per hour. Boat owners can also opt for smaller units using the patented Energy Recovery System (ERS) allowing for even longer periods of quiet operation to meet all their water needs.

The Zen 30 uses a mere 110W of power and the Zen 100 only 400W, which is easily sustainable using just the house batteries and renewables. The Zen can be installed upright or on its side providing boat owners multiple positioning options onboard. John, owner of ‘Marco Polo’, has been very happy with his Zen 30.

“We’d been looking for a water maker for some time but price, power consumption, size and noise put us off. The Zen 30 was both affordable and quiet. We run it during the day using just solar to keep the house batteries topped up. No more rationing of water has been fantastic for our family trips on the water!”

The new Zen range has made a huge impact on the international marine water maker market since its launch last year. So much so that the company has expanded into a larger purpose-built factory in Napoli, Italy. An increasing international network of sales and service centres makes the Schenker Watermaker a confident choice for every boat owner. The Zen 30 (producing 30 litres per hour) starts at only $8,950. The Zen 50 costs $10,950 and finally the larger Zen 100 is $16,950.

SWS Pacific is the official distributor for Schenker Watermakers in Australia providing sales, service and support.

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