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Boating Partnerships is a unique motor yacht ownership program available through Runaway Bay Riviera and Belize dealer R Marine Crawley – a multi-award winning dealership that is totally devoted to sharing the love of the luxury life afloat.

Boating Partnerships equally shares the purchase and monthly maintenance of a luxury Riviera or Belize between six like-minded people.

“The dream of turning weekends into holidays afloat in secluded bays or anchored off private beaches is now within your reach,” says dealer principal Ben Crawley.

“Our Runaway Bay dealership is dedicated exclusively to the luxury Riviera and Belize yachting marques, and Boating Partnerships appeals equally to those whose passion is boating but their time is limited, and those who are drawn to the relaxing lifestyle that only boating offers.”

The Crawley family has owned 11 different Rivieras since 1987 and cruises their luxury motor yachts extensively.

The knowledge and passion of Ben Crawley and his dedicated team of marine professionals will bring immediate peace of mind to aspiring boating families, as well as to the seasoned offshore skipper.

“In the current Boating Partnerships program, we have a fully optioned Riviera 6000 Sport Yacht with six shares available. Boating Partnerships yachts operate for a period of three years, with the option to extend to a four-year term if agreed by all shareholders,” says Ben.

“Each yacht is owned in a company with the shareholding of each owner equal to their shareholding in the yacht. In fact, some owners prefer to own multiple shares to increase their time on the water.

“Based on a one-sixth share, you will be able to enjoy up to 50 days per year onboard, plus have the ability to access additional days if available on a stand-by time basis.”


Ben says the Riviera yachts managed through the program will chase the endless summer each year, providing the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of two of Australia’s most fabled cruising destinations.

“Boating Partnerships offers the opportunity to cruise the east coast of Australia from the Gold Coast north to the tropical Whitsundays Islands,” he says.

“As a result of this unique cruising plan, opportunities for you to experience coastal passage between ports of call are available under the care and guidance of a seasoned captain.

“This is a prime chance to learn more about boating, offshore seamanship and coastal navigation, along with the finer points of your motor yacht’s operating systems.

“As the company owns the yacht outright, each shareholder’s investment is protected by equity in the yacht. When the ownership period has lapsed, the yacht is then marketed by R Marine Crawley at an agreed value and the proceeds are returned to the shareholders.

“In the event that a shareholder wishes to divest their shareholding earlier than the ownership period, R Marine Crawley can also assist with the sale of individual shares based on an agreed market value of the yacht at the time of the share sale.”

Boating Partnerships offers a professional crew to maintain yachts in prime condition on a weekly basis during the ownership period, and will deliver the vessel to the Whitsundays at times agreed by the owners.

The annual maintenance, slipping and berthing costs are affordably shared between the yacht’s owners.

“Boating Partnerships opens an exciting new world of family fun and adventure, allowing you to focus on the enjoyment of boating and share this with those who mean the most to you,” says Ben.

“With Boat Partnerships, you can enjoy a whole new lifestyle and share your experiences with your family, friends and business colleagues.”

If you would like further information on the unique luxury motor yacht ownership program Boating Partnerships, please call R Marine Crawley at Shop 1A, Runaway Bay Marina, Runaway Bay, Queensland, phone +61 7 5529 5007 or email

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