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Smart Safety Systems

Smart Safety Systems

Many of our greatest pleasures come from time well spent with family and friends so when it comes to safety, every skipper knows the value of keeping an extra eye on everyone on board.

Fortunately, Errol Cain and the talented team from Australian Marine Wholesale have found a smart new overboard alarm system that will enhance your peace of mind.

“CrewWatcher works like a virtual lifeline and is made up of two components: a smartphone app and a small beacon that can be comfortably worn by each member of your crew,” says Errol.

“The alarm triggers automatically in a man overboard event and should someone go overboard, the app will provide coordinates and even a compass to the location, saving time and stress.

“This easy-to-use product won numerous awards last year – including the 2017 Sail Magazine Innovation Award and the 2017 Dame Design Award.”

CrewWatcher – from nautical safety pioneer Weems and Plath, an available alarm triggers automatically, in a man overboard event – works on most smartphones and tablets and provides a response time up to 30 times faster than personal AIS beacons, and at a fraction of the price.

“It doesn’t require mobile service to work and one smartphone device watches up to five crew members – including kids the family pet,” says Errol.

“CrewWatcher received a lot of interest at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, with many people noting you can also use it to keep an eye on a towed dinghy, or even as a bilge alarm.”

After more than three decades in the boating business, Errol says advancing technologies still manage to amaze him.

“When I started Cain Marine in the 1980s, boat owners basically just had a VHF radio and digital depth-sounder… and that was it,” he says.

“Today, cutting-edge technology is enhancing the user experience for those of us who like to spend as much time as we can out on the water.

“For those who love to fish, the global satellite technology experts at mazu have developed another new app that provides key information so you can find fish faster.

“The mazu SportFishing app provides key information such as surface temperature so you can easily see the breaks, chlorophyll overlays to determine water clarity and even access to group chat for tournament tactics.

“It certainly guarantees an unforgettable blue water fishing adventure.”

Over 30 years, Errol has fitted evolving technology to thousands of vessels – everything from super yachts to sailing yachts, trawlers to trailer boats – and he has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience.

He has also formed very close and personal alliances with many of the world’s leading manufacturers of marine-specific electronics such as high-tech night-vision cameras, sophisticated fish-finders, radars and chart-plotters, as well as high-capacity water-makers and energy-efficient LED lighting.

Indeed, the extensive suite of leading-brand products distributed through Australian Marine Wholesale testifies to these long-established links: Raymarine, Garmin, Iris Innovations, Icom, Simrad, Lumitec, Aqualuma, Fusion, Clarion, Mastervolt, Sea Recovery and Blue Water Desalination, to name but a few.

“Our job at AMW is to source the best and most reliable technology from throughout the world because we are committed to staying at the forefront of a rapidly advancing industry,” says Errol.



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