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Story by Tanya Rabe


Gone are the days of the ugly and uncomfortable fishing boat. Fishermen and women today deserve creature comforts on their expeditions.

Moreton Bay local, Ted Mouton purchased his new Stejcraft Monaco 610 Fisherman in November 2020. After owning tinnies for the past 30 years in Australia and New Zealand, Ted hasn’t looked back. “I really wanted something capable of fishing that could handle offshore conditions when needed, and my wife wanted a boat to cruise around the bay.” This is exactly what Stejcraft have created – a luxury fishing boat that the whole family can enjoy, and a fishing vessel that is going to grab a lot of attention at the boat ramp.

An avid boating family, Ted’s wife, their nine children and 19 grandchildren enjoy the versatility of their new boat – probably not all at once though. They do a lot of cruising around Moreton Bay with one of their favourite anchorages being the Tangalooma Wrecks. Ted will drop some of the family there for snorkelling while he and others head off elsewhere for a spot of fishing. Another favourite place for the Moutons to go boating is Lake Somerset, which Ted says is a great place for family fun on the water – boats, jet skis and kayaks. For offshore fishing, Ted usually launches his boat on the Gold Coast and heads out through the Seaway.

“This is the best boat I have ever owned,’ says Ted. “She rides well in all weather, has all the features that I require, and she looks fantastic. I always have someone at the boat ramp or on the water yelling out, ‘Nice boat, mate!’”

According to Ted, the Monaco 610 rides well in the bay. He is thrilled with how well she handles choppy offshore conditions. The boat is responsive at the helm, smoothly transitions to plane and her exclusive 21-degree vee hull provides maximum comfort and safety in most situations.

In 2017, Stejcraft introduced their signature wood-free hull construction. The Monaco 610 is one of the toughest boats in her class with eleven layers of fibreglass in the hull. With so many layers of glass, there is less likelihood of blistering, a reduction in vibration and added strength for rougher conditions. And let’s not overlook an important aspect – no rot!

It has been over 50 years since Sam Catanese built the first Stejcraft. Who would’ve thought a boat built in a shed way down the back of a chicken farm in Melbourne in the early 70’s would end up being one of the finest fishing boats on the market today?

Tim Catanese, second-generation boat builder and Sam’s son, has established Stejcraft on the Gold Coast offering his customers a unique family-oriented new boat experience. Following years of consistently building exceptional boats, Stejcraft have developed a solid reputation in the industry for producing their high quality, multipurpose vessels. One day, you can be out comfortably cruising the Broadwater or Moreton Bay with your family and friends, and the next day, offshore fishing.

All Stejcraft boats are immaculately presented with high-end interior finishes, which is what you want when investing your hard-earned cash. But they go a step further. A priority of Stejcraft is to ensure all boat owners buy a boat that is built to suit them. For Tim, it’s not about churning out boat after boat forcing the market to fit in with their product. Where possible, Stejcraft will help their customers individualise their purchase to suit their vision. As an owner of a new Stejcraft boat, Ted advises boaties who are considering buying a new boat, to choose a company that cares about its customers. “Stejcraft has provided the best after-sales service I have seen in Australia or New Zealand. Their communication is fantastic, and the staff are always willing to help.” Ted also strongly emphasises that it is important to be dealing with a builder you can trust and rely upon, because a boat is not a cheap purchase.

Stejcraft have an open-door policy with an invitation for new owners to come into the factory and see how the build of their new boat is progressing. This is what you get when you buy from a Gold Coast family-owned brand. If you are looking for a multipurpose boat, pop into the Stejcraft showroom and chat to the team about your needs or go for a test drive.




Published in print April-June 2022