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Tag-Along Boating Events

Tag-Along Boating Events


Picture this: “People are always laughing and enjoying the weekend; Friday night beers are cold and the atmosphere by the campfire is great. Sometimes we catch fish and other times we catch none, which always makes good banter among the group, because Saturday night is cooking what you caught, so the sausages come out for the unlucky fishos. We’ve tasted some great damper recipes and fish on the coals. We’ve had boats break down, but there is always someone close by to lend a hand and someone else to laugh at them.”

Sounds like a dream, you say? The story is real. Brian Smith used these exact words to describe a few of the exciting moments in his tag-along boating trips through his social media page, Brian’s Boating & Outdoors on Facebook and Instagram.

“I was wanting to show people what Southeast Queensland has to offer and encourage people to ‘just get out there!’ So I started my social media page to do that. And then, I thought, ‘Why not just invite people to come with me?’”

Brian put the word out for anyone who wanted to bring their own boat and go camping with him. It was received with great interest, so the group now has a great set of people coming along, new friends being made, and more people joining each event. One of his most recent events had about 15 boats. “A great turn out and a great bunch of people,” shares Brian.

Brian acknowledges that many boaters put off going on their boat more often for chores or other activities, and wait for “that perfect weekend” to go out. This usually happens with boaters who don’t have anyone else to go out with. “People want to get out there and do what they enjoy, and the activities we plan give them the motivation to do just that. The tag-along events give people and me a set date that we are going camping and fishing with friends. These become a good excuse to always go and have a great time.”

More than having a great time, meeting new people with the same interest has been a big drawcard. “People feel safe going boating with others and discovering new destinations together. There is a lot of knowledge shared among the group, from camping tips, fishing techniques and of course boating advice like anchoring, navigation, you name it,” says Brian.

Brian creates events on the Events section of his Facebook page. The details indicate the inclusive dates, destinations, meeting points, and brief descriptions of the activities and places to camp. All skill levels are always covered as he may change destinations to accommodate people’s level of experience. Some weekends may be more leisurely, while other times may involve a bit more hardcore fishing and a swag on a riverbank at the end of the day. Some of these trips do have a minimum requisite for each vessel’s capabilities, although Brian welcomes anyone to join them for the adventure.

The destinations can be anywhere within the Gold Coast and Moreton Bay areas for day trips and short stays. “Moreton Bay offers something for everyone. With our network of waterways, we can boat in almost any condition, as there is always somewhere to hide, and you will always find a spot for yourself if you look.” Then a bit further north, there is Fraser Island’s Sandy Straits, Brian’s favourite getaway destination when he has a few more days to spare.

While sharing his passion for boating, fishing and camping is a top reason for running the events, Brian also finds it rewarding when other people join them for a weekend and ask early on when the next one will be. As someone born-and-bred on the Gold Coast, he definitely enjoys “showing people the awesome places right at our doorstep that they never knew existed”.

Gone are the days when we would hope that someone would call and invite us to tag along on a boating trip; and when someone did, we would be in heaven. These days, you do not even need a landline or a mobile number to be able to know what’s going on in the social boating scene in your area. All you need is a social media account, and you’re halfway to your next tag-along boating adventure. Just check out boating and tag-along events on social media, such as Brian’s Boating & Outdoor page on Facebook, and mark the event on your calendars, and your next adventure is all set.

Let Brian do the planning for you, as he is very keen to have you join their next adventure. “If you want to meet some great people with a common interest, do come and join us. As always, a sense of humour and the love of fishing is highly recommended.”

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Published in print July-September 2021