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The Right Towable INFLATABLE

The Right Towable INFLATABLE

There are various types of boating and jet ski tubes. Jetpilot tubes are rated as 1 person, 2 person, 3 person and 4 person towable tubes. Each tube will have a maximum number of adult riders. For safety reasons Jetpilot recommends that an adult rider is always present on an inflatable when riding.

When choosing a towable inflatable an important factor to consider is the surface area of the bottom of the towable. Some towables will skim faster over the water at high speeds if the tube is shaped with a smaller surface area such as the Jetpilot Gripper 2, Jetpilot Gripper 3, and Jetpilot Slingshot towables.


  • When prepping your towable ensure it is fully inflated as the shape is designed to perform at it’s best when inflated to capacity
  • You will know that your tube is fully inflated when it expands to fill the cover without distorting the original shape
  • A fully inflated towable will glide over the water with minimal resistance unlike an under-inflated towable which will gather water when riding.

Tubing and other activities are fun and exhilarating. Whether you are towing behind a boat or personal water craft, towing a tube requires a knowledge, as well as attention to safety, by the driver, the observer, and the person(s) being towed.


Person(s) being towed must always wear an Australian Standard Approved Personal Floatation Device. (PFD).

The towed person must be at least 7 metres behind the boat or personal watercraft





Published in print April-June 2022

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