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When a Boat Becomes a Love Boat

When a Boat Becomes a Love Boat

Earlier in 2017, a news report came out about a couple who, with the intention of stealing a boat, decided to have sex before they commit the criminal act. Well, they got caught out before the robbery could have been committed. The owner of the boat thought it was more despicable for the two to engage in the sexual act in his boat, than the intention to steal it!


What is it with the boat that they found so arousing anyway?


In the last few months after V-Day this year, we asked our readers to take our “Love Survey” anonymously. The survey was about experiences making love in or on a boat. The answers are varied, but while some are a bit predictable or conservative, others are leaning towards kinky and adventurous.


Let us read through the summary of the responses.


The most common type of boat of the respondents is a cabin cruiser. However, the list of answers shows that pretty much all types of boats are just as good to make love on. Making love in bigger boats is much more common, including houseboats. Others have done it on game boats, sports boats, sailing boats, tug boats. But a rowboat may just be the most interesting!


We continued to ask where on the boat they most enjoy doing the act. The bed is a common answer, but quite conservative. On the deck, on the benches in the top cabin, and on the fly bridges were the other more popular answers. The “shower/bathrooms” answer caught our attention, as everyone knows these offer very limited space. What we thought was most interesting was on the trampoline on a catamaran. Careful coordination between the partners in that case is a definite requirement, for sure!


The consensus was that anytime is a good time to make love on a boat. The respondents’ requirements vary though. Making sure the kids or other passengers are not around seems like a common requirement. But for a few brave ones, doing it at a time when there is a “higher chance of being caught” is the best!


The location of the boat does not seem to be a big factor. However, most respondents say that they have done it while the boat is at the marina, at anchor and/or out at sea. Some claim to have done it underway, but they do acknowledge the dangers involved in that for sure. And some admit that the boat does not even have to be on the water. Making love on a boat on a trailer seems to offer more stability.


Creating a romantic ambience is just as important in making love on a boat as anywhere else. The usual mood-setting activity does involve wine a lot though; so let us just advise that if you have do have wine, make sure the boat is at a marina, a private jetty, or on a trailer! Music, candles, dinner, lights down are typical modes of romanticizing the mood before getting down to business. One respondent believes that a simple act, such as closing the curtains, is enough to impress! The “kinkier” answer involves “catching marlin in the nude”. We say, why not?


When the mood is set and the partners are in full action, nothing else matters – that is, until they get caught out. While most respondents say they make sure that they only do it when no one is around or close by, there have been unexpected turns of events. One respondent claims, while at a marina, they were “busy on the dinette when some punters walked past”. And another recalls how the people in the next boat told them the next morning that they could hear them! Definitely awkward! And yet, a few say that the thrill of getting caught out is part of the lovemaking adventure.


The respondents’ experiences taught them about the dangers of lovemaking on a boat. The boat suddenly rocks or moves, the anchor drags, the boat drifts, you hit your head on the roof, and of course, getting caught out, are a few of the dangers. Other unusual, but practical, insights have been mentioned. One respondent says that sand is a problem, as it creates “unnecessary friction that can cause serious pain”, while another problem is that the wind may pick up and swing your boat from “out of sight” to “into sight very quickly”. Another respondent seems to suggest that too much sex is like being intoxicated that it “might leave you distracted, and mistakes can be made.” And the “trampoline” respondent says that you can get a “wet arse” if the boat is moving along.


It must be the rocking motion of the boat. Or the feeling of being on a small private island. Or the proximity to the water and the open view of the sky. Or the feeling of the “wind on your bits”, or “in your sails!” Whatever it is, one respondent summarises it well: “There is something primal about bobbing around on the waves that makes you want to get it all off, and make love.”


Don’t we all agree?



Here are some very interesting tips from the “love-making-on-a-boat” experts:

  • Use portholes on the deck to put your head through.
  • On a rowboat, wear a skirt or take a towel; do not slide around so you do not get splinters.
  • Limit the number of crew!
  • Beware of drone cameras.
  • Be impulsive. Play dirty. Don’t be shy.
  • Don’t do it underway if you are the skipper; you might nod off afterwards leaving the boat driverless!
  • Set goals. “Our rule is to catch as many marlin on the boat as love-making sessions on the boat. That way, if one gets ahead of the other, you know what area to work on.”


By Roselle Tenefrancia