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Why is An AB RIB Better?

Why is An AB RIB Better?

AB Inflatables is internationally recognised as the manufacturer of premium rigid inflatable boats (RIB) designed and built using the best materials available in Europe and the United States of America, specifically for the leisure and commercial sectors, and is known and respected worldwide.

AB Inflatables is the manufacturer trusted by thousands throughout the world and is America’s number one selling RIB brand. With proven safety and stability, stylish design and luxurious features, AB’s popularity is attributed to so many key points it is difficult to narrow it down to one key element.

The design of the AB hull, with its deep “V” and curves, provides the ideal sea boat, for a smooth, dry comfortable ride. The wide square design of the deck, bow and transom provides the biggest deck area with loads of storage. These features make it an ideal tender or platform for fishing, diving, and make a great family day boat. It adapts to all scenarios. Every AB model has a unique forward hull design that creates a raised bow and enhances performance by enabling easier planing with less horsepower. The boat cuts through wakes and choppy water, virtually eliminating spray, resulting in a smoother, more stable, and drier ride than any other inflatable boat on the market.

Boasting over 75 leisure models and 30 commercial models, built with Latin design influences and using the best materials available in Europe and USA, the factory complies with strict ISO 9001 standards and is the envy of its competitors. Critics argue no manufacturer can compete with the degree of development and testing that AB undertakes in producing outstanding RIBs.

AB has a commitment to build to the highest international standards, and in its build, surpasses CE regulations as well as being compliant with ISO 6185, ABYC , US Coast Guard, NMMA (USA), Bureau Veritas. AB Inflatables commitment to deliver the best products for customers extends to submitting all manufacturing processes to rigorous evaluations by third-party auditors, which ultimately guarantees the highest quality standards.

The peace of mind AB offers also ensures each and every boat is delivered with a unique history report, which also keeps a sample of fabrics/components, information on which manufacturing team made it and what specific materials were used. This information is very useful to improve or modify production procedures. This quality-control system is just one way in which AB inflatables fulfil its promise to continuous learning throughout 40+ years in business.

AB handcrafts each boat to ensure even the smallest details are handled with care, and the end result is a full line of inflatable boats designed and built to please with the exceptional quality expected from an AB Inflatable boat.

All aluminium inflatable boats are built using a cutting-edge, powder-coating pre-treatment process that is chrome-free. This eco-friendly technology maximizes corrosion protection and ensures superior coating adherence to the aluminium hull.

Product safety is also of the utmost importance and AB partners with the marine industry’s most trusted and respected suppliers, ensuring the highest-quality components go into every AB Inflatable boat. The AB quality control manufacturing team also inspects and leak-tests each and every one of tube and baffles for quality. Each tube is individually tested for two weeks.

To learn more about an inflatable boat, or inspect the range of inflatable boats from AB Inflatables, Aurora Inflatables, or Mercury Inflatables, talk to Mike or Diana Orsmond and the team of friendly and helpful professionals at RIB Force Inflatable Boats. RIB Force is also the Gold Coast’s number One Mercury Dealer and is located in the Marine Precinct at Shop 7, Gold Coast City Marina 58-74 Waterway Drive, Coomera, City of Gold Coast, Queensland.

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Editorial by Andy Kancachian