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Why Moor It When You Can Store It?

Why Moor It When You Can Store It?

Dry storage is attracting yachts in droves, attracted to the lower costs and higher security for their vessels.

Storing boats out of the water provides peace of mind for owners and significantly reduces costs associated with maintenance.

“Dry storage on the Gold Coast is a very attractive option for those owners seeking a safe, secure place to keep their boats protected between cruising voyages,” explains The Boat Works General Manager, Shane Subichin.

“The Gold Coast Marine Precinct offers all the services owners require for service, maintenance, refit work, and now storage, all much more cost-effectively than elsewhere on the east coast.”

The benefits of dry storage are numerous, including reducing the need for many forms of maintenance which arise from sitting in saltwater, as well as minimising the need for regular checking of your boat.

At The Boat Works, owners have full access to power and water on-site, as well as marine trades who can be coordinated to service, maintain regular checks and to detail or wash down your boat.

All customers are able to use the free services such as courtesy cars, ensuites, laundry, barbecues, the Bridgedeck Lounge with office and communications equipment, and barbeque on the water’s edge.

Since introducing the “Dry Marina” option at The Boat Works in late October, dozens of yacht owners have taken advantage of the new facility. One cruising couple who were the first to check in their 54ft Chincogan cat, are Paul and Deb who have just completed five months exploring the Whitsundays up to Lizard Island.

“The dry marina option is fantastic!” says Deb. “We can store our boat and take off without worrying about the weather or growth on the bottom of the boat.

“Our boat is locked up and dry, with security, CCTV and experts on hand to get it ready for us when we’re ready to sail out again. It’s cheaper than having it on the water, there’s no danger of bad weather washing up debris or other boats banging into our boat.

Ours was the first boat in and now it’s filling up fast. Word has spread; it’s just a better way to store your boat.”

From the US, we welcomed a cruiser family whom have a lifetime of cruising under their collective belts, and were ecstatic to discover a dry storage option for their 57ft yacht, while in this region.

“My family and I have been sailing, on and off, since the kids were less than a year old. They are now 12 and 15,” says Matt. “We tend to sail for a couple of years at a time, and then come back to the US and for a few years to be landlubbers and work, go to school, or catch up on medical and family matters.

“We’ve sailed the coastline of Africa, up and down the Caribbean, the US, Mexico, and the usual route through the South Pacific.

“In Australia, our plan is to store our boat and do a long road trip inland, then wander around the Gold Coast for a few months before heading back to French Polynesia.

Matt has used boat yards all over the world, and he counts his experience at The Boat Works as one of the best. “The only other yard that comes close is one in Florida that caters to mega yachts and professional captains. I’m really impressed with the people here and the facility. I think it’s meaningful that there are courtesy cars, free laundry, and nice barbeque areas. It shows your commitment to your customers.”

Gary and Anne from Port Stephens enjoy six months over autumn and winter cruising in the Whitsundays aboard their 35ft wide-bodied Lightwave cat, then return home to see their kids and grandchildren and take the occasional overseas trip.

Gary and Anne have recommended the dry storage option to their friends, many of whom took up the offer and will regroup next year and take off together for a delightful season of sailing.

“We were so impressed with the cost savings and the complete security for our boat that we didn’t hesitate to tell our boating friends about it. They’ve all brought their boats here and we’re planning to meet up and head north together in May 2019.”

“We are thrilled at the rapid take-up of the ‘Dry Marina’,” says Shane. “It’s proving a good boost to the businesses in the Marine Precinct and word of mouth is binging more boats and visitors to our door – a win-win for the Gold Coast and yacht owners.”



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