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A “Stella” Performance

A “Stella” Performance

by October 12, 2014

Stella 4000SW

If you’re are knowledgeable about fishing equipment, then you’ll be familiar with the Shimano Stella range of spin reels.

The smallest of the steles is the 4000SW and despite its size, it would be a mistake to dismiss the 4000SW as being for small fish. This model has the features to catch big-fish like the rest of the range.

Built with 14 SA-RB bearings, Dyna-Balance and Paladin Gear Treatment this makes the winding performance first rate, while the gear ratio is 6.2:1 and gathers 95 centimetres of line with each turn of the handle.

The Stella reel has a line capacity of 220 metres of four kilo monofilament, or 250 metres of 15 pound Power Pro. With 11 kilos of drag out of the waterproof and micro-click Hyper Disc drag, it’s ideal for  snapper and barramundi. However, this setup can be matched against most fish of this size.

When casting the line the Aero Wrap II line lay system, AR-C spool lip design, and a Power Roller bail arm roller have been designed to eliminate friction.