Our Advocacy

Our Advocacy

We are leaders in the Gold Coast community – bringing to light issues of concern to boat owners and keeping our readers informed of the local boating news and the latest developments in technology and design.

Boat Gold Coast in an advocate for boat owners and anyone interested in the boating lifestyle on the Gold Coast.

We promote:

Unbiased independent information – We only publish well-researched and unbiased editorial content. We conduct our business with integrity and independence. We honour and adhere to journalism ethics, and we respect people’s privacy.

Safety on the water – We promote fun and safety in boating and use of our waterways. It is important for us to provide information that encourages safe boating activities and practices for all users of the waterways.

Environmental conservation and education – The waterways and all life that they support (humans, marine life, coastal flora and fauna) are important aspects of Gold Coast living. It is essential that we keep our environment protected and preserved for the next generations to enjoy.

Boating industry prosperity – We rely on the boating industry so we can continue to provide our service of informing and educating our readers. It is imperative that we support and provide assistance to Gold Coast boating businesses and related services, where appropriate, while maintaining our independence and integrity as members of the media.

Boat Gold Coast magazine offers practical advice on making the most of precious time on the water.

Our team strives to be the primary source of boating information for the recreational boating enthusiasts on the Gold Coast.


(Photo: Thank you Gold Coast Catchments Association)