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There has been a growing demand in the market for a superior interior finishes system, specifically in low sheen and semi-gloss options.

The launch of Altex Yacht & Boat Paint’s new Elite Refine 250 Low Sheen & Elite Refine 450 Semi-Gloss is designed to meet this demand head-on. The Elite Refine series are specialised marine finish coatings, based on the sophisticated combination of aliphatic urethanes and urethane reactive acrylic resins, giving a high quality and durable finish coat.

The standout feature of these coatings is that they are ready to use with no flattening agents required, which you would typically need to add to a high gloss marine coating to flatten the gloss level. An added benefit for having a ‘ready-to-use’ low gloss coating is achieving consistent and uniform sheen levels when compared to adding flattening agents, that can have varying sheen with inaccurate measuring.

“DIY’ers are often very impressed with the spray-like finish appearance of this coating”.

William Allcock from Altex recommends the Elite Refine range, a 3:1 mix ratio, typically applied by conventional air spray or by a short nap mohair roller.


  1. Enhanced Durability: Altex finishes are engineered to withstand everyday wear and tear, maintaining their quality for longer periods.
  2. Low VOC Formulations: They prioritize environmental responsibility by offering low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) formulations that comply with regulatory standards.
  3. Versatile Applications: Whether it’s for Topsides, Cabins & Decks, or other interior surfaces, Masts & Fittings, Heads & Galleys, The Elite Refine Series cater to a wide range of applications, giving you the flexibility needed for various projects.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal: The Altex Elite Refine Series offer a stunning finish that enhances the visual appeal of any space while maintaining a professional look. Allows a competent brush painter to restore their boat to a high level of finish and performance.

Designed for both the Professional and DIY painter for new or maintenance repainting of all yachts, launches and other types of pleasure craft. An easy-to-use, high performance polyurethane displaying good flow-out and wet-edge characteristics – makes repaint projects on the hardstand or on the water a practical proposition.

Specifically developed for versatility between spray or brush & roller application

  • Very good resistance to moisture, solvent, and heat • Excellent durability and colour retention • High flexibility and toughness
  • Cost-effective, high performance coating solution for any aged vessel.
  • Two coats of brush/roller applied film provides the same protection and performance as a professional, spray applied film
  • Low gloss finishes that reduce the appearance of underlying imperfections

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Published in print October-December 2023