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Aqualuma = Bright Light, Low Current, Long Life

Aqualuma = Bright Light, Low Current, Long Life

by May 7, 2015

When it comes to underwater lighting, Gold Coast-based manufacturer Aqualuma is widely regarded as the world’s leading marine lighting manufacturer. The company has redefined expectation with superior technology and high-quality products.

An extensive research and development program has seen the evolution of a broad and versatile range of lighting, including thru-hull, submersible, deck and flood lighting. Aqualuma’s iconic thru-hull range is the world’s first and only underwater light range with a one-piece polymer housing unit that has no lenses or seals and is patented in 127 countries.

Aqualuma G4

Since its inception, Aqualuma has worked exclusively with LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) and has gained an extensive knowledge of what is required to design and manufacture world-class LED fittings. Aqualuma’s engineers include some of the world’s leading LED specialists and optical designers. Strategic partnerships with the major LED and electronics manufacturers combine to give Aqualuma the strength on which its reputation has been built.

Aqualuma’s cutting-edge and high quality products use LED technology, where light is not just solely for illumination, but also used to create a scene which will be long remembered. Aqualuma does not just make lights—their products create memories.

Personality Behind The Lights

The Aqualuma light system was the innovation of brothers Carl and Grant Amor, co-founders and directors, who were searching for the best lighting options for their boat, but were unable to find a quality product. The search meant evaluating top-of-the-line lights. However, each of their appraisals unearthed major flaws in design. The brothers could not find LED lighting for their boat that would not eventually give them trouble. Finally, they compiled a list of potential problems with the existing lighting on the market, such as leaking and corrosion. The list of improvements to each of their evaluations became the basis to develop their own lighting range that offered boat owners reasonably priced versatility and long-term reliability. Aqualuma Underwater Lighting emerged.

Carl and Grant Amor

Now world-renowned, the underwater lights enhance the boating experience while anchored or moored by naturally attracting fish and other marine life. An Aqualuma installation turns waters beneath the vessel into an underwater aquarium. The lights have proven effect for anglers while sports fishing, and the pursuit of the ultimate game fish.

While the product leads the way with innovation and design, it is the Aqualuma team that really sets them apart. Carl and Grant bring great personality with a relaxed professionalism to their business that helps maintain a loyal customer base. They look uncannily alike, have a wicked sense of humour, and are a well-recognised duo at all the world’s major boat shows.

Onshore, the company has built on their technological advantage and has entered the commercial and industrial lighting market with their world leading commercial and industrial lighting range.

Look for the Aqualuma building from the MI between the Helensvale and Oxenford exits

For Aqualuma, the future looks bright indeed.


Editorial by Andy Kancachian