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Avoid Divorce: Take a Nautical Training Course

Avoid Divorce: Take a Nautical Training Course

How confident are you with your nautical adventures? Need crew training? Husband and wife team-building?

Nautical Training Boat & Jet Ski Licence is just the beginning of your nautical adventures!

Many boaters have little or no experience before purchasing their first boat or jet ski. Applying for Recreational Marine Driver Licence (RMDL) or Personal Watercraft Licence (PWCL) is often just the beginning of their nautical training. Those upgrading to larger vessels usually find they need additional nautical training to consolidate and refresh their boating knowledge, appropriate to the hull type, size and propulsion and electronics of their new boat.

Nautical Training offers advanced vessel handling and boat familiarisation to further your understanding of larger vessel operations, twin screw manoeuvring, and confidence building in navigational skills and knowledge of our busy waterways, and extended passage trip planning.

As the premiere trainer for organisations such as Riviera Boats, Nautical Training are an industry- recognised name in boat licencing, offering comprehensive one-on-one and group training and licencing services for clients on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and throughout Southeast Queensland. Nautical Training has been conducting “Women/Men Skippers on Water” educational training sessions with Riviera’s team of experts since 2008.

Instructor Karla Del Herbert-Evans can tailor the training specific to your level of experience with a theory and practical component for each session.

“I am fortunate to have crewed for 12 years with some of the best skippers and crew in the business during the black marlin game fish seasons since 1987. Working in all areas on many vessels including live-aboard game boats, yachts, catamarans, mother ship cruise boats and their tenders, i.e. outboard tillers, centre consoles, inflatable dive boats and jet skis,” explains Karla.

“My passion is game fishing and diving, gaining my experience since 1985, either through yachting, fishing or diving on the Great Barrier Reef, or as crew onboard private dive vessel the 90ft MV Mantaray in the Spring of 1995 and 1996 in the Solomon Islands,” Karla says. “I gained the majority of my big boat experience through many game fishing seasons with Riviera’s Bob Jones Sports Fishing Australia, the IGFA-famed Peter B Wright, Lee Marvin’s legendary Aussie Skipper Brazzaka (Denis Wallace), And crewed with many of the Marlin Fishing Captains of today. Most recently on Charter Mothershipping on “Laura J” for “Adventum” with Captain Darren Hayden (Biggles) known for his high flying wiring days with the great Laurie Woodridge on “Seababy IV”.

Obtaining her Open/Offshore Master Class 5 Captain ticket back in 1995, Karla has worked locally with Riviera, private yachts and water taxis becoming familiar with our Gold Coast’s abundant canals and waterways. She had been navigating day and night tours in the charter boat tourism industry from Marina Mirage for three years. She was also the Master onboard Marcrista, a 50ft ocean yacht, and a Master of a 60ft Catamaran Pelican Too that ran snorkel and dive charters in Aruba, Dutch West Indies, Caribbean.

As a Boatsafe training provider since 2006, Karla has had the opportunity to offer comprehensive education to all new and experienced mariners, that “give you the skills and knowledge to confidently undertake basic navigation, boat handling and understand the safety requirements and your responsibilities under the law. As your professional trainer, I am happy to pass on my knowledge and upon issue of your Certificate of Competency or Achievement Award. I look forward to shake your hand and enjoy the smile on your dial as you head off to experience your own nautical adventures,” Karla exudes.

For further education about your boat, Karla recommends the Advanced Broadwater Practical and Offshore Navigation Course.

To book these courses, or a boat licence and jet-ski licence training and assessment, as well as AMSA Exemption 38 courses, contact Karla directly; PH: 0412 550 570.


Published in the Jan-Mar 2020 edition.



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