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Axopar 37 Revolution: First Impressions

Axopar 37 Revolution: First Impressions

The Eyachts team flew to Finland for the reveal of the new Axopar 37 Revolution range, including X Sun Top, X Cabin and Spyder, premiering at Boot, Dusseldorf 2020.

Every single millimetre of the new Axopar 37 range has been redesigned from the hull to the handrails, yet the dimensions are the same. It’s like magic.

With 380 changes in this new and improved model, you’ll get more…

• space
• speed
• efficiency
• performance
• visibility
• versatility
• silence
• sharp turns
• higher and flatter
• multifunctional social areas
• onboard functionality
• comfort
• light
• volume
• openness
• innovation
• modern
• unique
• leisure
• adventure
• options

From afar, the changes are subtle, and it is not until you start to look closer you see the work that has gone into the new boat.

Looking at the hull, the steps have been significantly changed to allow more air into the middle of the hull, which in turn, gives better performance, less drag and less fuel consumption. In general, the Axopar now sits flatter at speed. This, combined with the added 8cm height at the helm, gives the captain greater visibility. The bow thrusters have also been moved further forward to improve their effectiveness.

On the water, these changes came to life, testing the Spyder and Cabin, both Axopars had brilliant handling and minimal bow rise. The X Cabin with twin 300 V8’s, fully loaded got to 50+ knots and went into a full lock turn at 43kts with no propeller cavitation. The amount of grip was amazing. The BRABUS Shadow test mule X Axopar 37 Spyder, really showed off, with twin 450hp (only available with BRABUS Marine) loaded with seven people and full of fuel, and had a max speed of 63knots. The Eyachts team could not stop smiling.

The “gull wing” doors are a standout, unique and easy to operate using self-opening gas struts. The wings and internal windows have been designed to allow a lot more natural light into the cabin creating an easily accessible living space, which feels airy and spacious. The new separate toilet/shower is going to be a winner for those upgrading from the Axopar 28, with double doors and full privacy.

Some additional small “tweaks” that really improve the boat include redesigning the stainless-steel grab rails to suit the new look and making the bow more social with the option for a sunbed or table setting. Everything has been made for easier access, including the fridges and battery switches, and the anchor locker now also has more room for fenders.

On the X Cabin, the sliding doors are much larger and there is much more room inside. The rear window now includes curved corner panels, which really help increase visibility and make it feel brighter.

Overall, this is a sensational new boat and Axopar have clearly been listening to the response from the previous 37 model, and put a lot of thought and effort into resolving any issues or improving anything that could be made better.

Published in the April-July 2020 print edition.


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