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Boundless Opportunities with Maritime Career Training

Boundless Opportunities with Maritime Career Training

For those with an affinity for the ocean, the maritime industry has boundless opportunities. Often, a recreational passion becomes an extremely rewarding career. One such path is working on luxury superyachts around the world, providing exceptional work, financial and social rewards.

Danielle Botes currently works as an instructor with Maritime Career Training, and is a perfect example of the variety of rewards and opportunities that a maritime career provides.

With a keen interest in the ocean and environment, Danielle studied Marine Biology and Environmental Management and holds a Bachelors degree in Science and Arts in these areas. This led to becoming a research assistant in Tanzania, and then into a Dive Instructor role in Northern Queensland on the Great Barrier Reef. After working for four years in various positions on the water, Danielle saw her peers regularly leaving the reef to work on superyachts overseas.

Keen for the adventure, Danielle completed her AMSA- approved Certificate of Safety Training, the basic qualification for any role on a superyacht, and sent
off a number of job applications. Soon after, Danielle was boarding a plane for Florida. After a few months, secured a role on a 40-metre motor yacht in the Caribbean as a deckhand.

With motivation to work her way up to Master, Danielle was able to complete further studies with various training institutions around the world and achieved her dream of becoming Master of a 50m Motor Yacht in just six years from her first deckhand position.

During 2016, AMSA required that Danielle complete a revalidation of her Certificate of Safety Training, which she completed with Maritime Career Training on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

After relocating back to Australian for land-based work, Danielle was Master on Brisbane river ferries where she was responsible for passenger transport, safety, crowd control, and represented Brisbane City Council for visitors and locals.

Now living and working on the Sunshine Coast, Danielle provides professional training for the Maritime Career Training’s AMSA-approved Certificate of Safety Training. In this role, Danielle heavily leverages her experience in the maritime industry to equip the next generation of adventure-seeking seafarers.

The Certificate of Safety Training, sometimes referred to as STCW 95 or STCW 10, offered by Maritime Career Training is AMSA-approved, and is very well respected and recognised internationally. This certification is the first step to allow you to start applying for superyacht industry work.

With a course run every week, Maritime Career Training offer a high quality, low cost online study and on- location practical training course that is able to be completed in just three days, the shortest time required by any AMSA-approved organisation offering this training.

The Certificate of Safety Training modules include the following:

● Security Awareness Training
● Personal Survival Techniques
● Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting
● Personal Safety and Social Responsibility

In addition, a current Provide First Aid certification is required for AMSA to issue the certificate.

If, like Danielle, you are interested in a rewarding and exciting career in the maritime industry, the Maritime

Career Training’s Certificate of Safety Training course will arm you with the basic qualifications to kickstart your adventure.

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Published in the Jan-Mar 2020 edition.