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Budds beach noisy problem solved

Budds beach noisy problem solved

by October 15, 2014

Gold Coast Waterways Authority have put a stop to jet powered novelty craft such as JetLev and Flyboard from operating at Budds Beach following hundreds of petitions and objections from residents.

Authority CEO Hal Morris says that the Authority has been made aware of the problem via complaints about the constant noise put out from the machines.

“We have had a lot of objections from residents of Budds Beach and nearby, concerning the operation of these types of devices and we are now working to find an alternative location for these activities.” Said Mr Morris.

“However, we are not the ‘fun police’ and so we are busy working with operators to look for appropriate locations, away from built up areas for them to run their businesses. One possible location could be the Marine Stadium, originally designed for exactly this type of activity. These discussions are going well, and we’re confident of a positive outcome for all parties,” said Mr Morris.

“One of our key objectives is to ensure that our waterways continue to be a great asset that is available to residents, businesses and visitors. That is why striking this balance for everyone is so important,” said Mr Morris.

Gold Coast Waterways Authority have issued a Waterways Notice detailing the changes.

The Waterways Notice and further details about the Authority’s work, including the 10 year Waterways Management Strategy and Waterways Management Program, can be viewed on their website at