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Bundaberg Port Marina

Bundaberg Port Marina

ATTENTION, DISCERNING BOAT ENTHUSIASTS! The opportunity of a lifetime awaits you at Bundaberg Port Marina. Seize the chance to secure a premium 20m berth, as berths for vessels above 20m become increasingly scarce across Australia. Act now, with only 6 x 20m berths left, and join the elite group of mariners who have already claimed their spot in this nautical haven.

UNPARALLELED PROXIMITY TO GREAT BARRIER REEF ISLANDS: Your berth at Bundaberg Port Marina is not just a mooring space; it’s a gateway to the spectacular Great Barrier Reef islands of Lady Elliott and Musgrave. With K’Gari in close proximity, every voyage becomes a breathtaking exploration of Australia’s natural wonders.

HIGH-QUALITY, LOW-MAINTENANCE MARINA BERTHS: Our marina berths, meticulously crafted by superior jetties, boast the highest quality construction. Enjoy peace of mind with low maintenance costs over the years, ensuring your investment remains as pristine as the waters surrounding it.

AMENITIES TAILORED FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: Revel in the convenience of a 15 and 32 amp power supply, designed to cater to the diverse needs of your vessel. Experience low ongoing operating costs, making your marina experience not only luxurious but also economically sound.

EXCLUSIVE 30-YEAR LEASE AND PRIME LOCATION: Secure your berth with a generous 30-year lease at Bundaberg Port Marina. Located within 1NM of the river mouth, your vessel enjoys swift access to open waters, making every journey a seamless adventure.

ACCESS TO THRIVING TOWNSHIP AND BUNDABERG: Within 1km of the marina lies the bustling township of Burnett Heads, providing easy access to a supermarket, hotel, motel, post office, hairdressers, and beautiful beaches. Bundaberg, just 14km away, offers daily flights for hassle-free travel to and from your vessel.

UNMATCHED SECURITY AND DAILY CARE: Rest easy knowing your vessel is under the watchful eye of our dedicated marina staff, who perform daily dock walks. Our berths are equipped with CCTV surveillance, offering unparalleled peace of mind when leaving your boat unattended.

ACT FAST! With only 6 x 20m berths remaining, this opportunity won’t last. Contact us to schedule a private tour or information pack and make Bundaberg Port Marina the home port for your maritime adventures.

Bundaberg Port Marina – Where Every Berth is a Gateway to Extraordinary Adventures!

Published in print April-June 2024