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Cygnet 20 – Tweed River Adventure

Cygnet 20 – Tweed River Adventure

By Andy Kancachian

Regrettably, the Moreton Bay Raid had to be called off due to persistent strong winds of 20+ knots during both days and nights.

However, this setback didn’t deter Cygnet owner David Simonds and his close friend, John Jacob, from enjoying a day of sailing.

Travelling all the way from Tinaroo for the event, they decided to embrace the challenging conditions on the Tweed River when they learned of the cancellation. Early on Monday morning, they launched their vessel at the well-sheltered Fingal Head boat ramp.

Their adventure began with an exploration of the lighthouse, and then they continued under jib alone, making their way to The Anchorage Islands in the Tweed. Fortunately, they secured a berth at the Ivory Marina, offering them protection from the elements. Once in port, they embarked on a walking tour of The Anchorage Islands and Point Danger.

On a gusty Tuesday, they sailed up to Murwillumbah with the wind behind them, keeping the mast lowered to pass under a bridge.

They spent the night moored on a pontoon in the heart of Murwillumbah, enjoying the proximity of a tavern overlooking the river.

Keeping it simple, on Wednesday, they chose to keep the mast down and motored back to the Tweed River against the strong northerly winds.

They anchored in Jack Evans Boat Harbour, where they found respite from the wind. This location proved to be an ideal base for exploring the riverside village and the town of Tweed itself.


The Cygnet 20 boasts a design that pays homage to classic sailing vessels while incorporating modern features, such as lightweight construction, strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness. It also includes modern touches like carbon spars, water ballast, easy maintenance, GRP construction, and a swing keel.

Developed in collaboration between Bluewater Cruising Yachts and Hardcastle/Lowe Yacht Design, this yacht exudes timeless elegance and provides pride of ownership while remaining highly practical.

Its compact size makes it relatively affordable and easy to maintain compared to larger vessels.

The Cygnet 20 is designed for enclosed waters and can comfortably accommodate a couple or a family of four for weekend cruises or week-long journeys.

Setting it up is a breeze with its lightweight carbon fibre spars. Although equipped with water ballast for safety and performance, it is light and easy to tow, with a total towing weight of around 1200kg, including the trailer, making it suitable for transport with a standard family-sized car.

Featuring a spacious 4 to 6-person cockpit, comfortable accommodations, and indoor/ outdoor living with a pop-top, the Cygnet 20 offers excellent ventilation and convenience.

Its swing keel with a 30cm draft when raised simplifies exploration, and the central lifting point makes it suitable for storage at your local yacht club if home storage is unavailable. The yacht can be fully rigged and lifted using a standard yacht club crane, similar to vessels like the J-24 and Etchells.

The Cygnet 20, with its classic design, promises an exciting and enjoyable sailing experience. For more information, please visit the website at www. or contact David at 0412 656 271.




Published in print January-March 2024